PM Modi Extends Condolences and Support Amid Ongoing Israel-Palestine Conflict

In a recent diplomatic outreach, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi engaged in a crucial conversation with the President of the Palestinian Authority, H.E. Mahmoud Abbas, regarding the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. The discussion revolved around the regrettable loss of civilian lives, especially at the Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza.

PM Modi conveyed his deepest condolences to President Abbas for the tragic loss of civilian lives in Gaza. He expressed the Indian government’s unwavering commitment to providing humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people during these challenging times. The focus is on delivering essential aid to alleviate the humanitarian crisis that has affected the lives of countless Palestinians.

During the conversation, both leaders shared profound concerns about the escalating levels of terrorism, violence, and the deteriorating security situation in the region.

They emphasized the urgency of restoring peace and stability, as these circumstances continue to take a toll on innocent civilians in the area.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Modi reiterated India’s long-standing principled position on the Israel-Palestine issue. India has consistently supported a two-state solution where both Israel and Palestine coexist in peace and security.

The PM underscored the importance of resolving the conflict through peaceful negotiations, respecting the rights and aspirations of both nations. He showed concern for the humanitarian crisis stemming from the ongoing conflict.


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