Police Ran Away in Place of Saving the Mother-Daughter Perishes in Burning Home, Community Demands Accountability

A tragic incident has left the Madauli village in Kanpur rural district in shock as a mother and her daughter died under the fire caught in their house for unknown reasons in protest of the demolition of their house.

The victims’ family owned two plots of land in the village, which they had used for farming for several decades. About two decades ago, the family built two houses on the land and started living there.

Unfortunately, the land became a cause of dispute between Krishna Gopal Dixit’s family and a second Dixit family, who is now accused in the case. Vishal Dixit, Gaurav Dixit, and Ashok Dixit are the accused in the case.

The issue began when Ashok, who had gotten a lease on the government land under his sister’s name by conniving with the government official responsible for arranging land deeds, wanted to start construction on the land.

A large part of the government land was occupied by Gopal Krishna’s family, who were accused of illegally occupying the land.

After a complaint was filed, the Kanpur rural administration reached the disputed site to demolish Gopal Krishna’s house on January 14, but they faced protests and were only able to remove some construction.

Family seeking administrative help before the incident

However, four months after the complaint was filed, tragedy struck Pramila and her daughter fearing that their house would be demolished they tried to save their house to the last breadth but unfortunately due to unknown reasons house catches fire and both of them stuck in the house.

The family was left to perish in their burning home as none of the police officers who were present on the scene attempted to save them. It is reported that when the fire caught the house, the police members ran away, leaving the family to their fate.

Pramila’s son, Shivam, said that before the incident, the family had met District Magistrate Neha Jain and expressed their pain, but she didn’t give them time to meet and scolded them, making them run away. So far, 39 people have been booked on murder charges in the case.

Outrage against the BJP government in the Brahmin society after the incident

The incident has caused an uproar among the locals, who are demanding that DM Neha Jain be held accountable for the death of the mother and daughter. The tragic incident highlights the dangerous combination of the overpowered bureaucracy and a lack of accountability in the system.


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