Outrage as Shiv Shakti Temple Vandalized During Navratras in Jammu’s Mutthi Area by BJP Regime

On 28th March 2023, shocking news emerged from the Mutthi area of Jammu, where the Shiv Shakti temple was vandalized during Navratras by the BJP regime. The incident has created a stir in the local community, with many expressing their outrage over the destruction of the holy site.

According to reports, the entire process was illegal, with no prior notice given to the priest of the temple or anyone in the neighborhood. The temple was desecrated in the middle of the night, leaving the community stunned and outraged.

In response to the incident, officials from the Ikkjut Jammu party visited the site and spoke to the media. They condemned the actions of the BJP regime and gave an ultimatum to the government to restore the temple in a time-bound manner.

The incident has sparked widespread condemnation, with many questioning the government’s motives and actions. The Shiv Shakti temple is a sacred site for the local community, and its destruction has left many feeling hurt and betrayed.

The Ikkjut Jammu party has promised to take up the matter with the highest authorities and ensure that justice is served. They have called on the government to take swift action to restore the temple and punish those responsible for the vandalism.

The incident has highlighted the need for greater respect and protection of religious sites and traditions. The local community is calling for a united effort to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future and that all places of worship are respected and protected.


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