Violence, Stone-Pelting, and Vehicle Fires Grip Brijmandal Procession; Internet Services Suspended Till August 2

Nuh, Haryana: An outbreak of chaos and violence marred the Brij Mandal Yatra, organized by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Matrushakti Durga Vahini in Nuh district, Haryana on Monday. The situation escalated when Monu Manesar, the main accused in the Junaid-Nasir murder case, declared his intention to join the yatra. Angry mobs clashed with the police, resulting in the torching of vehicles and incidents of firing.

During the attack, the mob pelted stones and set ablaze dozens of vehicles, creating a scene of utter mayhem. The situation quickly turned confrontational as the yatra participants and people from the Muslim community near Khedla village engaged in a fierce clash. As a result, numerous individuals from both sides suffered injuries.

On one side, there were police forces stationed along National Highway No. 248, attempting to maintain order amidst the mounting tension. On the other side, a massive crowd from the so-called “peaceful community” was involved in the stone-pelting frenzy, targeting every passing vehicle.

The yatra, which commenced from Nagar Mandir, faced immediate resistance as people from the Muslim community launched a barrage of stones at the procession near Khedla village. The situation rapidly deteriorated into a violent confrontation between the two groups, leading to widespread injuries and damages.

In the aftermath of the clashes, the atmosphere in the entire area remained tense. Dozens of vehicles were left charred, and the police struggled to quell the unrest that had erupted during the yatra.

Moreover, to control further violence and restore order, internet services have been closed in the district until August 2. This measure has been taken as a precautionary step to prevent the spread of misinformation and curb any potential instigation of unrest through social media platforms.

The tension surrounding the yatra was further amplified by Gau Rakshak Monu Manesar, who released a video announcing his participation in the yatra. In response, a police team from Rajasthan’s Bharatpur was dispatched to Nuh in an attempt to apprehend Monu.

Monu Manesar is facing serious charges in the murder case of two youths, Nasir and Junaid, who were residents of Bharatpur, Rajasthan. The tragic incident involved the two victims being burned alive inside their car in Bhiwani. Despite the authorities’ efforts to locate him, Monu had not been present at the yatra during the uproar.

The situation remains tense in Nuh, and authorities are working diligently to restore order and ensure the safety of the public. Further updates on the investigation and the repercussions of the violence are awaited as the situation unfolds.


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