Ankur Sharma Launches ‘Ekam Sanatan Bharat Party (ESBP)’ as Pan-India Political Alternative for 2024 Parliamentary Elections

In a major political development, Ankur Sharma, the president of IkkJutt Jammu Party, has launched a new political party called ‘Ekam Sanatan Bharat Party or Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal’ as a pan-India national political alternative. The announcement was made by Ankur Sharma himself in a press conference held on Monday.

During the conference, Sharma said, “We formally declare ‘Ekam Sanatan Bharat‘ as a Pan India National Political Sanatani Alternative. Our party shall contest the 2024 Parliamentary Elections across the country.”

He further added that the party’s mission is to create a Sanatani political alternative that will represent the interests of all Indians, irrespective of their caste, religion, or region.

Sharma, who is an advocate by profession and has been actively involved in social and political activities in Jammu and Kashmir, said that the new party would focus on preserving and promoting the rich cultural and traditional values of India.

He also emphasized that the party would work towards the development of the country, keeping the needs of the people at the center. ‘Ekam Sanatan Bharat’ is expected to contest the parliamentary elections across the country, and the party aims to emerge as a strong alternative to the existing political parties.

The party’s manifesto is expected to be released in the coming weeks, and the leadership team will be announced soon. The launch of ‘Ekam Sanatan Bharat’ has been welcomed by many, who see it as a much-needed alternative in the current political scenario.

The party’s focus on cultural and traditional values has been appreciated, and it is hoped that the party will bring a fresh perspective to Indian politics.

Party ideology and principles

The Ekam Sanatan Bharat Party is guided by seven principles that reflect its commitment to the values of democracy, social justice, and cultural pride. These principles are as follows:

  1. The party believes in amending the constitution to ensure that only those with less than 5% of the population are given minority status in society. This principle aims to address the issue of disproportionate representation of certain communities in various aspects of social and political life.
  2. The party advocates for the freeing of temples and monasteries from government control. This principle seeks to restore the autonomy of religious institutions and ensure that they are not subject to interference by the state.
  3. The party supports the reorganization of J&K and Kashmir into two Union Territories. This principle proposes the partition of the region and the establishment of an independent Hindu-majority state in the Jammu division.
  4. The party advocates for a complete ban on cow slaughter and the declaration of cows as a national heritage. Additionally, the party supports the restoration of the ancient temple “Martand Surya” of Lord Surya situated in Karna and Kashmir. This principle seeks to protect the cultural and religious heritage of the country.
  5. The party supports the cancellation of the implementation of the Waqf Act, Places of Worship Act, 1991, and Sachar Committee by amending Article 30 of the constitution. This principle aims to grant autonomy to Hindu communities in establishing and operating educational institutions.
  6. The party seeks to stop the demographic invasion and establish a demographic balance. This principle aims to address concerns about the changing demographic makeup of the country and its potential impact on social and political stability.
  7. Finally, the party believes in holistic development that encompasses not just economic progress but also culture, history, spirituality, and the environment. This principle reflects the party’s commitment to a sustainable and inclusive vision of development.

In conclusion, the seven principles of the Ekam Sanatan Bharat Party reflect a vision of a democratic, socially just, and culturally proud India. The party’s commitment to protecting the country’s cultural and religious heritage, promoting autonomy and inclusivity, and ensuring sustainable development make it an important voice in the country’s political landscape.

As the countdown to the 2024 parliamentary elections begins, it will be interesting to see how ‘Ekam Sanatan Bharat’ performs and whether it can emerge as a viable political alternative in the country.


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