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Intriguing predictions from the ancient Oriya text “Bhavishya Malika,” authored by the revered saints Achyutananda and Panchasakha, are creating waves

In a world brimming with prophecies and predictions, “Bhavishya Malika,” an ancient text written in the old Oriya language by Saint Achyutananda Das and Panchasakha of Odisha, stands out for its remarkable accuracy.

This sacred text unveils the mysteries of cosmic evolution and the divine interventions of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Mahavishnu.


Panchasakha (Five Friends)
Panchasakha (Five Friends)

Five great saints emerged in Odisha during the sixteenth century, collectively known as the “Panchsakha.” These spiritual luminaries, including Saint Achyutananda Das, left an indelible mark on Vaishnavism in the region, revolutionizing spiritual literature and philosophy.

These five friends or Panchasakha, who lived during the period between 1450 to 1550 AD, played a pivotal role in enriching spiritualism in a manner that resonated with ordinary individuals, offering them the opportunity to understand and derive benefit from their teachings.

Achyutananda Das
Saint Achyutananda Das (Pic: Biographya)

They are affectionately recognized as the “Panchasakha,” or the “Five Friends,” who left an enduring legacy of spiritual wisdom accessible to all. These esteemed souls include:

  1. Achyutananda Das
  2. Ananta Das
  3. Jasovanta Das
  4. Jagannatha Das
  5. Balarama Das

Saint Achyutananda possessed a unique gift—the ability to perceive the past, present, and future. He and his contemporaries documented their profound insights in the form of “Bhavishya Malika,” a collection of predictions, with a significant portion attributed to Saint Achyutananda Das.


Bhavishya Malika contains a wealth of predictions, many of which are strikingly relevant to our times. These prophecies offer insights into the twilight of Kaliyuga (the last age in Hindu cosmology), the impending great destruction, the onset of the third world war, and the appearance of Lord Kalki.

Signs of the End of Kaliyuga

Saint Achyutananda Das elaborated extensively on the signs indicating the culmination of Kaliyuga. These include social instability, the erosion of religious values, the prevalence of unrighteousness, and widespread corruption.

There will be significant societal changes that have been predicted in the context of Kali Yuga, a period of darkness and moral decline, as described in ancient Indian scriptures.

These changes reflect the potential shifts in values, relationships, and culture that may occur in the distant future. Notable predictions foresee:

  1. Influence of Daughters and Sons-in-law: In this age, daughters and sons-in-law may exert more influence in their in-laws’ households, even leading to changes in family dynamics. Elders may become more accommodating to maintain harmony.
  2. Challenges with Fertility: A troubling prediction suggests an increase in infertility, which could impact the ability to conceive and bear children.
  3. Gender Transformation: Advancements in medical science may allow individuals to change their gender, leading to a more fluid concept of gender identity.
  4. Filial Discord: The scriptures mention that the overpowering emotions of lust and greed may lead to unfortunate instances where sons harm their own parents.
  5. The End of Joint Families: Traditional joint families may diminish, with not only brothers but even married couples choosing to live separately.
  6. Elderly Neglect: Some elders may be forced out of their homes by their own children or opt for old-age homes due to changing family dynamics.
  7. Health Challenges: A prediction of widespread illness suggests that people will increasingly rely on medications to sustain their health.
  8. Rise in Vice: There might be an increase in the number of non-vegetarians, alcoholics, tobacco users, and drug addicts, reflecting a potential shift in lifestyle choices.
  9. Abortion and Infanticide: The prediction mentions a rise in the number of abortions and infanticide, raising concerns about ethical and moral values.
  10. Changing Marital Norms: Traditional norms of marital fidelity might erode, potentially leading to more diverse relationship structures.
  11. Religious Practices: There may be a decline in the worship of deities and a shift towards less conventional spiritual practices.
  12. Gender and Family Norms: Unconventional marriages, including same-sex marriages, may become more prevalent.
  13. Inappropriate Relationships: The prediction even mentions the possibility of inappropriate relationships within families.
  14. Changing Fashion: Fashion trends are expected to evolve, with men trying new hairstyles and women opting for more revealing clothing.
  15. Role Reversal: A curious prediction suggests that men may become capable of childbirth, challenging traditional gender roles.
  16. Unconventional Marriages: Anticipates marriages between relatives, including aunts and nephews.
  17. Controversial Relationships: The mention of mother-in-law and son-in-law relationships indicates potential shifts in family dynamics.
  18. Western Influence: A forecast of adopting Western culture and fashion choices implies a transformation in lifestyle and values.
  19. Changes in Religious Practices: Traditional practices like vermilion (sindoor) and worship of ancestral deities may see a decline.
  20. Misogyny & Disregard for Knowledge: The prediction suggests that misogyny may become more prevalent, and people might prioritize materialistic pursuits over knowledge and wisdom.
  21. Inter-caste & Inter-faith Marriages: A prediction of marriage alliances without consideration of caste or religion highlights evolving social norms.
  22. Age Differences in Marriages: The idea of younger men marrying older women indicates a shift in age-related norms.
  23. Divergence from Vedic Wisdom: The preference for black magic over Vedic knowledge could signal a cultural transformation.
  24. Erosion of Values: The anticipation of increasing nudity and body exhibition indicates evolving social norms regarding modesty.
  25. Survival through Unconventional Means: People might resort to unconventional means, such as trading their bodies for a livelihood.
  26. End of Monarchy: Predicts the decline of traditional monarchies.
  27. Disruption of Fasting Traditions: The sacred tradition of fasting may see a decline, with some individuals consuming non-vegetarian food on auspicious days.
  28. Irregular Lifestyle Choices: People may adopt irregular eating, recreation, and sleeping patterns.
  29. Consequences of Untimely Intercourse: Untimely intercourse might lead to adverse outcomes, including fatal consequences for the unborn.
  30. Secret Abortions: A concerning prediction suggests secret abortions among young girls and boys.
  31. Adultery: Unfaithfulness in relationships may become more common, causing unrest in families.

These predictions offer a thought-provoking glimpse into potential societal changes in the age of Kali Yuga. It’s essential to remember that these prophecies are based on ancient texts and may not necessarily reflect the future, but they provide a unique perspective on the evolution of human society.

Symptoms of Great Destruction

As per Bhavishya Malika, great destruction becomes imminent when farmers lose interest in farming, and wild animals encroach upon human settlements. This foretells:

  • Disheartened farmers and erratic rainfall patterns.
  • Intensified global heat due to the sun’s harshness.
  • Cyclonic winds caused widespread devastation.
  • Escalating attacks by wild animals and snakes.
  • Disruptions at the revered Jagannath temple in Puri.
  • A series of catastrophic events, including a tsunami.

Natural Disasters between 2022-2027

The predictions point towards natural disasters between 2022 and 2027, encompassing earthquakes, deadly floods, severe droughts, and shifts in the climate cycle. Notable events include:

  • Elevated global temperatures lead to fatalities.
  • The fragmentation of glaciers and polar ice melt.
  • Depletion of rivers and underground water sources.
  • Devastating floods affect numerous regions.
  • Increased forest fires worldwide.

The 3rd World War

Simultaneous to these natural disasters, the prophecy speaks of the onset of the third world war. This devastating conflict, predicted to last for six years and six months, will divide the world into two factions. India will enter the war thirteen months after it begins, facing a formidable adversary.

Two Suns in the Sky

A peculiar occurrence is prophesied—two suns appearing in the sky, one being the sun, and the other a mysterious celestial object. This event is foreseen to coincide with a war in India, leading to catastrophic consequences.

Lord Jagannath’s Journey

The tsunami, triggered by the celestial event, is expected to inundate Lord Jagannath’s temple in Puri. In response, Lord Jagannath will be relocated by devotees to Chhatiya Bata, a site 30 kilometers from Cuttack.

Attack on India

The prophecy envisions an attack on India orchestrated by China and thirteen Islamic countries, exacerbated by religious tensions. India will eventually counterattack, resulting in the disintegration of China and the assimilation of the thirteen Islamic nations into a united India.

Lord Kalki Avatar

As the conflict intensifies, Lord Kalki—the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu—will manifest and intervene on India’s behalf. His divine intervention will lead to a decisive victory for India.

Initiation of New Era

The battle will culminate in a ceasefire, ushering in a new era for united India. Boundaries will shift, the world will witness reduced nations and populations, and India will emerge as a unified and dominant force on the global stage.

Intriguing as they are, these predictions from “Bhavishya Malika” serve as a fascinating glimpse into future possibilities. Whether or not these prophecies will come to pass remains a topic of debate and contemplation.

Still, they continue to captivate the imagination of those intrigued by the mysticism of ancient texts. As we navigate through the unfolding events of our times, the ancient wisdom of “Bhavishya Malika” provides us with a unique lens through which to view our changing world.


In the divine narrative of the Bhavishya Mallika, we are presented with a profound revelation of cosmic significance. It is a sacred text that foretells the coming of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Mahavishnu, as He descends upon the Earth out of His infinite compassion and will, with a divine purpose to uplift and re-establish Dharma.

Before the grand arrival of the Lord, the Bhavishya Mallika provides detailed insights into the auspicious event. It speaks of the circumstances surrounding His birth, the wondrous divine actions He will undertake, His divine encounters with devoted souls, and the prevailing conditions of the world during His arrival.

Moreover, it outlines the intricate process through which the Lord will re-establish Dharma in the world, guiding humanity through the ever-turning wheel of Yugas, from one era to another.

These revelations are a testament to the Lord’s divine directions, offering a guiding light for mankind to embrace the righteous path as elucidated in the Vedas, seeking the benevolent protection of the Almighty.

According to the Bhavishya Mallika, as we look forward to the year 2030, it predicts a harmonious convergence of major and minor religions, beliefs, and practices into the eternal and universal truth of Satya Sanatan Dharma.

This divine assimilation is prophesied to pave the way for a brighter and more harmonious future for humanity, transcending the divisions that have plagued our world. The Bhavishya Mallika, in this light, serves as both a solemn warning and a beacon of hope for humanity.

Amidst the impending challenges and uncertainties of our times, the Bhavishya Mallika Purana stands as both a warning and a source of salvation for mankind. It beckons humanity to heed its timeless wisdom and embrace the path of righteousness, for therein lies the promise of deliverance and the dawn of a new era.


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