Massive Teacher Reinstatement Phase 2: Bihar to Reappoint 1 Lakh 20 Thousand Teachers

Teacher reinstatement in Bihar, the state government has announced Phase 2 of the reinstatement process, set to benefit 1 lakh 20 thousand more teachers. This latest announcement brings hope to thousands of aspiring educators who may not have succeeded in the previous rounds of teacher recruitment due to low marks.

Following the success of the largest-ever teacher reinstatement initiative in Bihar, the Nitish Kumar-led government is now extending its support to employed teachers. These teachers will have the opportunity to attain the status of state employees through a simple-straightforward examination.

The Honorable Chief Minister, in a proactive move, has directed the expedited clearance of the second teacher recruitment phase, which will see the reinstatement of a staggering 1,20,000 educators within the span of just two months.

This endeavor is poised to become a historic milestone in the state’s educational landscape, offering new opportunities for both teachers and students alike.

Vijay Sinha, the Leader of the Opposition in Bihar, shared his thoughts on this teacher reinstatement program. He emphasized the importance of nurturing the talents of Bihar’s children and providing employment opportunities for the state’s youth.

He also expressed concerns about the removal of the domicile policy and the alleged rush in teacher appointments, which, he believes, could potentially lead to issues related to scams and corruption.

This announcement marks a significant step forward in Bihar’s commitment to education and the welfare of teachers, providing a glimmer of hope for those who aspire to contribute to the state’s educational development.


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