Chandrayaan-3 Mission’s Successful Orbit-Raising Maneuver Sets the Stage for Lunar Journey

ISTRAC/ISRO, Bengaluru: In a significant leap forward for India’s lunar exploration program, the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft has achieved a critical milestone by successfully completing its orbit-raising maneuver (Earth-bound perigee firing). The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) confirmed that the maneuver was executed flawlessly from the ISTRAC (ISRO Telemetry, Tracking, and Command Network) facility in Bengaluru.

The spacecraft’s engines fired precisely as planned, propelling it to a higher orbit. According to ISRO scientists, Chandrayaan-3 is now on course to attain an orbit of 127,609 km x 236 km around Earth. This newly achieved orbit will be closely monitored and confirmed through extensive observations to ensure its accuracy.

Chandrayaan-3, the successor to the highly successful Chandrayaan-2 mission, is part of India’s ongoing efforts to explore the lunar surface and expand the frontiers of space research. With this successful orbit-raising maneuver, the mission has taken a significant step toward its ultimate goal of landing a rover on the lunar surface.

The next crucial stage in the Chandrayaan-3 mission is the TransLunar Injection (TLI), which is scheduled to take place on August 1, 2023, between 12 midnight and 1 am IST. During the TLI, the spacecraft’s propulsion system will be engaged once again to propel it out of Earth’s gravitational influence and set it on a trajectory toward the Moon.

ISRO scientists and engineers are meticulously preparing for the upcoming TransLunar Injection to ensure the spacecraft’s smooth transition from Earth to lunar orbit. The lunar journey poses its own unique set of challenges, and the space agency is leaving no stone unturned to ensure the success of this ambitious mission.

The Chandrayaan-3 mission holds immense scientific and technological significance for India, as it seeks to further explore the Moon’s surface, study its geology, and unlock more secrets about our celestial neighbor. Furthermore, the mission aims to demonstrate India’s prowess in space exploration and strengthen the nation’s position in the global space community.

The entire nation eagerly awaits the next steps of Chandrayaan-3, as it embarks on its lunar odyssey to make history once again for India’s space exploration endeavors. With each successful maneuver, ISRO brings the dream of exploring the cosmos closer to reality, inspiring future generations to reach for the stars and beyond.


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