Darbhanga Cremation Ground Uproar: Stone Pelting and Property Damage Amidst Communal Tensions

Kamtaul, Darbhanga, July 24, 2023: In a shocking incident that sparked communal tension, a violent uproar erupted at a cremation ground in Dharampur, Kamtaul police station area, where miscreants from two communities clashed over the cremation of a deceased individual.

The situation escalated quickly, leading to the pelting of stones and the torching of vehicles. Police forces were swiftly deployed to control the chaos, and the District Magistrate (DM) and Superintendent of Police (SP) rushed to the scene to pacify the situation.

The incident unfolded when the family of Shrikant Paswan brought his body to the cremation ground to perform his last rites. Unfortunately, tensions arose as their neighbors from the Muslim community objected to the cremation, leading to heated arguments and altercations.

According to the victims, they were subjected to violence and hostility when they attempted to carry out the funeral rites. Stones were hurled at them, and their vehicles were set ablaze, leaving the cremation ground and surrounding areas in turmoil. The Chief’s car was also targeted and set on fire during the mayhem. In addition to the property damage, the incident resulted in injuries to both civilians and police personnel.

Shrikant Paswan’s family members revealed that not only were they prevented from performing the last rites peacefully, but the deceased’s body was also mishandled during the confrontation. Furthermore, they reported incidents of arson, where some Hindu houses were set on fire, and an attempted looting of properties occurred, escalating the already tense situation.

Authorities were swift to respond, and the DM Rajeev Roshan, SP Avakash Kumar, City SP Sagar Kumar, and Sadar DSP Amit Kumar reached the scene promptly to assess the situation and take necessary actions to restore peace and order. After the intervention of the administration, the deceased’s last rites were performed under the protection of a significant police presence.

The incident has caused distress and unease in the entire area, as communal tensions remain high. Local authorities have assured the public of strict action against those involved in instigating the violence and emphasized the need for communal harmony and peaceful coexistence.

As the investigation into the incident continues, residents of Darbhanga hope for a return to normalcy and an end to such incidents that disrupt the communal fabric of their community. The administration is closely monitoring the situation to prevent any further escalation of violence and is working towards fostering understanding and cooperation among different communities to prevent such incidents in the future.


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