Chirag Paswan Breaks Silence: In His Own Words, Counters Allegations, Defending Father’s Honor, and Choosing Principles Over Politics

In a recent public address, Chirag Paswan, the National President of the Lok Janshakti Party and Member of Parliament from Jamui, Bihar, shed light on his decision to contest the 2020 elections independently of the NDA.

Addressing the question of why he chose to go solo, Paswan explained, “Some people wonder why I decided to contest elections separately from the NDA in 2020. There were two main reasons for this decision. Firstly, I believed that the development of Bihar was not possible under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. And secondly, I couldn’t tolerate the way Nitish Kumar insulted my father.”

He expressed gratitude towards the Prime Minister of Telangana for publicly acknowledging the matter and reminding everyone of how the Chief Minister had treated them during the Rajya Sabha elections. Paswan said, “What can be greater for a son than respect for his father? I decided to contest the elections alone, apart from the NDA, because I rejected the leadership of Nitish Kumar.”

Responding to accusations of selfishness from those who split from his party, Paswan clarified, “They accused me of breaking the party because I didn’t allow them to contest elections with Nitish Ji. I was deeply hurt by their behavior at that time. Despite knowing how Nitish Kumar had treated his father during the Rajya Sabha elections, I couldn’t understand how they could accept contesting elections with someone who had insulted them.”

Paswan emphasized that, at that time, he didn’t have concrete evidence to reveal the reality and convey his point to the people. However, he expressed satisfaction that time had proven his stance. “I am proud that I did not compromise with my father’s honor for the greed of any ministerial post,” he asserted.


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