Cricket’s Historic Olympic Inclusion: Nita Ambani’s Jubilant Announcement Marks a New Era in Sports

Mumbai, India – In a historic moment for Indian sports and the global cricketing community, cricket has been officially included as an Olympic sport for the upcoming 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics.

The news came during the 141st International Olympic Committee (IOC) session, which was hosted in India for the first time in 40 years, at the Nita Ambani-owned National Museum of Art and Culture in Mumbai.

IOC member Nita Ambani, a prominent advocate for sports in India and a key figure in the successful bid to bring this session to the country was overjoyed at the announcement. She expressed her happiness, saying,

I am delighted that IOC members have voted to include cricket as an Olympic sport in the LA Summer Olympics 2028! The inclusion of cricket in the Olympics will create deeper engagement for the Olympic Movement in newer geographies.”

– Nita Ambani

The inclusion of cricket in the Olympics marks a significant milestone in the history of sports, as cricket will now be showcased alongside other Olympic disciplines. Nita Ambani, also the chairperson of the Reliance Foundation, emphasized the importance of this decision in expanding the Olympic Movement. She stated,

The 2028 Olympics will be a momentous occasion for cricket enthusiasts around the world. It will not only provide a fantastic platform for our beloved sport but will also further unite the global sports community.

– Nita Ambani
Mrs. Nita Ambani, International Olympic Committee Member, Addresses the 141st IOC Session in Mumbai
Mrs. Nita Ambani, International Olympic Committee Member, Addresses the 141st IOC Session in Mumbai

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who graced the occasion with his presence, was acknowledged by Nita Ambani for his unwavering support of sports and for his role in bringing the IOC session to India. She said,

Respected Prime Minister, we are filled with immense joy that you have joined us today. You are the leader of the world’s largest democracy – architect of new India. Your support to sports has made this session in India a reality. It is an absolute honour for us to host this historic IOC Session in India after 40 years and in Mumbai for the first time ever. Today, more than ever our world needs to reunite in fraternity and solidarity. This cannot happen on battlefields, it can only happen on sports fields.

– Nita Ambani

With cricket joining the Olympic roster in 2028, it promises to draw an even larger global audience to the Olympic Games. This development is poised to create a deeper connection between the Olympic Movement and cricket-loving nations, further promoting the spirit of sportsmanship and unity on the world stage.

Cricket fans and athletes alike can now eagerly anticipate seeing their favorite sport on the grand Olympic stage, as cricket takes a giant leap towards international recognition and unity through the 2028 Los Angeles Summer Olympics.


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