BJP MP Dr. Gopal Ji Thakur Accuses Bihar Government of Misleading Statements on VAT Collection at Darbhanga Airport

Darbhanga, Bihar – In a recent press release issued by Dr. Gopal Ji Thakur, Member of Parliament (MP) representing Darbhanga, Bihar, serious concerns were raised regarding the collection of Value Added Tax (VAT) at Darbhanga Airport. The MP alleged that false statements have been made to mislead the public about VAT rates at the airport.

BJP Member of Parliament, Dr. Gopal Ji Thakur, has called out the Bihar state government for a significant discrepancy in Value Added Tax (VAT) rates applied to air turbine fuel (ATF) at Darbhanga Airport.

Dr. Thakur asserted that while the government minister touts a minimal one percent VAT charge, the reality is far from it, with a hefty 29 percent VAT being levied on ATF. The MP from Darbhanga has vehemently urged the state government to cease what he describes as “cheating” the residents of Mithila.

This startling disclosure has shed light on a contentious issue that has caught the attention of the public and raised questions about the government’s transparency.

Dr. Gopal Ji Thakur highlighted that the Bihar government is collecting a 29 percent VAT on all aircraft operating from Darbhanga Airport, despite statements from government ministers indicating a mere 1 percent VAT charge.

It was clarified that the 1 percent VAT applies exclusively to Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) flights, causing uncertainty about the state government’s true intentions concerning Darbhanga Airport.

The MP commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the initiation of air services to benefit the eight crore residents of Mithila under the UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Nagrik) scheme.

Notably, despite resource constraints, Darbhanga Airport has emerged as a remarkable success within the UDAN program, serving 1.7 million passengers thus far.

Furthermore, Dr. Gopal Ji Thakur informed that a Detailed Project Report (DPR) has been prepared for the construction of a state-of-the-art airport with an estimated cost of approximately Rs 916 crore. Work on this project is expected to commence shortly.

The MP called upon the Bihar government to consider the interests of the eight crore Mithila residents and implement a 1 percent VAT on Aviation Turbine Fuel (ATF).

Allegations Against Nitish Kumar’s Minister

In a related development, Dr. Gopal Ji Thakur criticized Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s minister, accusing them of disseminating misleading information at Darbhanga Airport.

The MP asserted that the Bihar government is currently levying a 29 percent VAT on all flights departing from Darbhanga Airport, while government officials have publicly claimed a 1 percent VAT rate. The 1 percent VAT rate, as clarified by Dr. Thakur, is applicable solely to RCS flights.

The MP raised questions about the government’s true intentions concerning Darbhanga Airport and underscored the historic achievement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in extending air services to eight crore Mithila residents through the UDAN scheme.

He emphasized that a DPR has been prepared for the development of an advanced airport at an estimated cost of Rs 916 crore, with construction set to commence in the near future. Dr. Gopal Ji Thakur urged the Bihar government to consider the interests of Mithila residents and institute a 1 percent VAT on ATF.


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