Earthquakes Strike Off East Coast of Taiwan: Buildings Destroyed, Landslides Reported

In a series of seismic events ranging from magnitude 5.5 to 7.5, Taiwan’s eastern coast was rocked by powerful earthquakes, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. The city of Hualien bore the brunt of the disaster, with several buildings reduced to rubble. Additionally, the tremors were felt as far as Taipei, where the subway system experienced significant shaking, raising concerns among commuters.

Reports from affected areas indicate landslides have occurred, further exacerbating the situation and hampering rescue efforts. According to recent updates, at least 10 people have been confirmed dead, with hundreds injured, as Taiwan reels from the aftermath of the strong earthquake.

The extent of damage to infrastructure and the number of casualties are yet to be determined, as rescue teams continue their assessments amidst ongoing aftershocks. At 12:00 PM local time, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) announced the lifting of all tsunami warnings for Japanese coasts, providing a sigh of relief for coastal residents who had been on high alert following the seismic activity.

Earlier, tsunami warnings had been issued for the region in the aftermath of a powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake striking Taiwan. At a magnitude of 7.4, this was the most powerful earthquake to hit Taiwan in 25 years, according to BBC. The temblor triggered landslides and toppled buildings, resulting in several deaths.

However, three hours after the initial quake, all tsunami warnings covering the island region of Japan were canceled, as minor changes in sea level were observed, deemed not indicative of imminent danger.

Multiple buildings collapsed in eastern Taiwan, underscoring the urgent need for swift and coordinated response efforts. Moreover, reports of internet outages in Taiwan add to the challenges faced by both residents and emergency responders in the aftermath of this natural disaster.

Devastating landslides reported in Taiwan following powerful earthquakes off the east coast. Rescue efforts underway amidst widespread destruction.
Devastating landslides were reported in Taiwan following powerful earthquakes off the east coast. Rescue efforts are underway amidst widespread destruction.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story as rescue and relief efforts continue in the affected areas.


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