Sushil Kumar Modi Reveals Battle with Cancer, Withdraws from Lok Sabha Elections

In a heartfelt announcement made on social media platform X, Sushil Kumar Modi, the esteemed Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha and former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, disclosed his ongoing battle with cancer.

The veteran politician shared that he has been grappling with the illness for the past six months, choosing now as the appropriate time to inform the public of his health condition.

Expressing his regret over his inability to participate in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Modi conveyed his decision to withdraw from the electoral race. He emphasized that all necessary details regarding his health situation have been communicated to the Prime Minister.

Despite his health struggles, Modi reiterated his unwavering dedication and gratitude towards the nation, his home state Bihar, and his political party. Modi’s revelation has stirred sentiments across political circles, with many expressing their solidarity and best wishes for his swift recovery.

The news of his health condition has triggered discussions regarding his future role in politics and the implications for Bihar’s political landscape.


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