Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal (ESBD) Granted Official Recognition by Election Commission; Set to Bring Sanatan Values to 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

The Election Commission of India on Saturday, completed the name change process for the political party formerly known as ‘IkkJutt Jammu‘ to the newly named ‘Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal‘. The commission has officially taken ‘Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal’ on record, paving the way for its participation in the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Aims and Values of the Party

Ekam Sanatan Bharat, touted as a revolutionary political entity, is on a mission to propagate the values of Sanatan culture and civilization not only within India but across the globe. Distinguished as India’s first political party dedicated to building a development model based on the core principles of Sanatan Sanskriti, the party envisions a blueprint for the country’s progress deeply rooted in its cultural heritage.

The party believes that the essence of Indian civilization lies in the principles of Sanatan, and, accordingly, it advocates for an approach to development, economics, society, culture, science, history, foreign policy, and environment that is informed by these core values.

Commitment to Addressing Challenges

Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal, under the leadership of President Ankur Sharma, has already been at the forefront, championing various causes related to Hindus. Having previously operated under the banner of Ekjut Jammu political party, Ankur Sharma has been actively addressing issues faced by the Sanatan civilization, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir.

The party, expanding its scope under the new name, aims to tackle critical issues such as the radical Islamization of Jammu & Kashmir, land jihad, infiltration of terrorist organizations, and the genocide of Hindus. Jammu and Kashmir, being a prototype of challenges faced by the broader Sanatan civilization, serves as a focal point for Ekam Sanatan Bharat’s commitment to addressing issues of national significance.

2024 Lok Sabha Elections

With the official recognition by the Election Commission of India, Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal is now gearing up to contest the parliamentary elections in 2024. The party firmly believes that the time has come for Indian democracy to have a political entity dedicated to safeguarding the core values of Sanatani culture and civilization.

As the election season approaches, Ekam Sanatan Bharat Dal stands poised to bring its unique perspective to the forefront, promising to represent the aspirations of those who seek to uphold and promote the rich heritage of India’s Sanatan culture.


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