Bihar CM Nitish Kumar’s Land Grant of Rs 330 Crore to AIIMS Patna Signals Healthcare Expansion

Patna, Bihar: In a momentous event at the first convocation of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Patna, President Draupadi Murmu and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar graced the stage with their presence, making significant announcements that promise to reshape the institution and the healthcare landscape of Bihar.

The historic convocation, held on October 19, brought together dignitaries, scholars, and medical professionals to celebrate the achievements and progress of AIIMS Patna.

During his address at the convocation ceremony, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar unveiled a groundbreaking commitment. He declared that the state government would allocate a vast expanse of land, encompassing 27 acres, with an estimated value of Rs 330 crore to AIIMS Patna.

This allocation is expected to provide the institution with the necessary resources and space to expand its healthcare and educational facilities, ultimately benefiting the citizens of Bihar.

In addition to the land allocation, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also unveiled plans to construct a 248-bed Dharamshala. This facility will be dedicated to the families of patients seeking treatment at AIIMS Patna, ensuring they have a comfortable and supportive environment during their stay.

Reflecting on the historical journey of AIIMS Patna, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar remarked, “When I became the Chief Minister in 2005, I stated that the work for AIIMS in Patna should be expedited. I also personally selected the area for its establishment.” His dedication and vision have played a pivotal role in the development and progress of this premier medical institution.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister underlined the state’s commitment to expanding healthcare infrastructure. He expressed, “We are constructing medical colleges in various regions of Bihar. AIIMS was established in Patna, and now our next aspiration is to have another AIIMS in Darbhanga. This is our goal. We initially had six medical colleges, and now we have successfully increased that number to eleven. We are working tirelessly in this direction, ensuring that the people of Bihar have access to quality healthcare. There is no need to worry.”

The announcements made by President Draupadi Murmu and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at the AIIMS Patna convocation signify a significant step towards the enhancement of healthcare services and medical education in Bihar.

These initiatives are expected to have a positive and lasting impact on the health and well-being of the people in the state. The presence of President Draupadi Murmu and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar added a sense of prestige and commitment to the momentous occasion.


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