Modi Government Raises LPG Cylinder Prices After State Elections

After the completion of the recent 5 state elections, the Modi government has increased the prices of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) cylinders. The hike has left many households feeling the pinch, as prices surge by up to Rs 41.

As of today, consumers will experience an uptick in the cost of LPG cylinders. In the national capital, Delhi, the new price for a 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder stands at Rs 1796.50, marking an increase from the previous price of Rs 1775.50. Meanwhile, residents in Kolkata will see a rise in the price of the same cylinder from Rs 1885.50 to Rs 1908.00.

The sudden spike in LPG prices has sparked concerns among citizens who were hoping for relief after the culmination of state elections. With this development, households may need to reevaluate their budgets to accommodate the increased expenditure on essential cooking fuel.

The government, however, has not provided detailed explanations for the price hike. Many consumers are expressing their dissatisfaction with the timing of the increase, as it coincides with the conclusion of state elections, raising questions about the impact on daily life and household expenses.


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