Patna High Court Rules Forced Application of Vermilion Not Valid Under Hindu Marriage Act

In a recent verdict, the Patna High Court declared that forcibly applying vermillion on a woman’s forehead does not constitute a valid marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955. The court emphasized that a Hindu marriage is only considered valid when it is voluntary and involves the ‘Saptapadi’ ceremony.

Justice PB Bajanthri and Justice Arun Kumar Jha made these crucial observations during the hearing of a case related to a forced marriage that occurred a decade ago. The case was brought to the court through a petition filed by a jawan from Nawada district.

The court, after careful consideration, ruled in favor of the petitioner, declaring the marriage invalid. The judges underscored the significance of voluntariness in Hindu marriages and stressed that the ‘Saptapadi’ ceremony is a vital component for the legality of such unions.

This landmark decision by the Patna High Court sets a precedent, reinforcing the importance of free will and traditional rituals in Hindu marriages, further safeguarding the rights and dignity of the individuals involved.


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