PM Netanyahu and U.S. Defense Chief Austin’s United Front, Austin Says: ‘This is Worse than ISIS’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held talks with United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin today. The discussions, aimed at reinforcing the strong bond between the two nations, touched upon pressing security concerns in the Middle East.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, welcoming Secretary Austin, expressed his gratitude for the unwavering support of the U.S. administration, President Biden, Secretary Blinken, and the American people.

He stated, “I’m very happy to see you today. I’m very appreciative of the strong stance of the President, you, Secretary Blinken, the American people, and the American government.”

The talks also focused on the recent wave of violence in the region. Secretary Austin, who played a pivotal role in the fight against ISIS, shared his insights on the situation, saying, “I know a lot about ISIS, and this is worse than what I saw with ISIS,” in reference to the tragic attacks by Hamas terrorists on Israeli citizens.

Reflecting the urgency of the situation, Secretary Austin further added, “I was the guy that initially put the ISIS campaign together, and I know a lot about ISIS, and this is worse than what I saw with ISIS.”

The United States, reaffirming its commitment to Israel’s defense, is swiftly providing resources to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), including ammunition and interceptors to resupply the Iron Dome missile defense system.

These vital assets will play a crucial role in ensuring Israel has the necessary means to protect its cities and citizens. Secretary Austin visited Nevatim Air Base to oversee the arrival of this assistance on site.

Highlighting the steadfast support of the U.S., Secretary Austin stated, “The US Department of Defense is fully prepared to deploy additional forces near Israel.

America’s support for Israel is iron-clad. Now, this is no time for neutrality, for false equivalence, or for excuses for the inexcusable.”

The meeting between Prime Minister Netanyahu and Secretary Austin underscores the robust partnership between the United States and Israel in addressing shared security concerns and promoting stability in the Middle East.


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