Police Shoot and Arrest Abdul Zafar for Knife Attack and Assault on Officers

Kalaburagi, Karnataka – In a shocking incident, Abdul Zafar was threatening people with a knife in his hand in Kalaburagi. When the police arrived and asked him to surrender, he started attacking the police as well.

In order to protect the public and themselves, the police had to shoot him lame and then took him into custody.

The incident occurred in the evening when the police were informed of a man with a knife in his hand, intimidating people in the area.

The police immediately rushed to the scene and asked him to surrender, but instead of complying, he started attacking the police. The police had no other option but to shoot him lame and then arrest him.

The police have registered a case against Abdul Zafar and are now investigating further. No other injuries have been reported in the incident.


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