Putin Accuses US and Allies of Instigating Middle East Crisis and Global Instability

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the United States and its allies of being the instigators behind the ongoing crisis in the Middle East and various regional conflicts. Speaking during a meeting with top security and law enforcement officials on Monday, Putin asserted that these actors have the most to gain from global instability.

“The individuals responsible for fueling conflicts in the Middle East and other regional crises are committed to spreading animosity and sowing discord among people worldwide, resulting in catastrophic consequences,” stated the Russian leader. He added that these parties are poised to capitalize on the situation.

Vladimir Putin went on to express his concern about the harrowing humanitarian toll of these conflicts. He lamented the sight of bloodied children, the suffering of women and elderly citizens, the loss of medical professionals, and the anguish of those affected. He emphasized the need to approach the issue without being solely driven by emotions.

“We must have a clear understanding of who is truly responsible for the tragedies experienced by the people of the Middle East and other global regions. We must discern who is orchestrating this deadly chaos and who stands to benefit from it,” Putin explained.

He went on to assert that this reality has become evident to many, as those orchestrating these events now act openly and unabashedly. According to Putin, the primary beneficiaries of global instability are the ruling elites of the United States and their associated nations.

In his statement, Putin pointed to the overt actions of these powerful actors as evidence of their involvement in perpetuating global turmoil. This declaration further highlights the ongoing geopolitical tensions between Russia and the United States, with Putin’s remarks providing insight into his perspective on the origins of regional conflicts and global instability.


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