Congress MP Rahul Gandhi Learns Chair Making Skills at Kirtinagar Furniture Market, Engages with Workers

In a unique and heartwarming display of solidarity with workers, Congress Member of Parliament Rahul Gandhi paid a visit to the bustling Kirtinagar Furniture Market in Delhi. During his visit, he immersed himself in the world of carpentry and learned the art of chair-making from skilled carpenter workers.

The unannounced visit by Rahul Gandhi to the Kirtinagar Furniture Market surprised both shop owners and workers alike. The Congress leader, known for his hands-on approach and connect with the common people, spent several hours engaging with the workers and understanding their craftsmanship.

Dressed casually in a blue shirt and jeans, Mr. Gandhi rolled up his sleeves and took a keen interest in the intricate process of chair-making. He was seen carefully observing the carpenters’ techniques, asking questions, and even trying his hand at assembling a chair.

His efforts were met with enthusiastic applause and appreciation from the workers, who were more than willing to share their knowledge with him.

Apart from his interest in chair making, Rahul Gandhi also took the opportunity to interact with the employees working in the factory. He inquired about their working conditions, safety measures, and general well-being. His genuine concern for the workers and their families struck a chord with everyone present.

MP Rahul Gandhi engaged with factory workers about their well-being
MP Rahul Gandhi engaged with factory workers about their well-being

Speaking to the media during his visit, Rahul Gandhi said, “It’s essential to understand the challenges and aspirations of the workers who contribute significantly to our economy. Learning from them firsthand is an enriching experience. The workers here are skilled artisans, and their dedication is inspiring.”

This impromptu visit to the Kirtinagar Furniture Market underscores Rahul Gandhi’s commitment to understanding the concerns of the common man and the labor force. It also highlights the Congress leader’s dedication to promoting the welfare of workers across the country.

Local shop owners and workers expressed their gratitude for Mr. Gandhi’s visit, stating that it was a significant morale boost for them. They hope that such interactions with political leaders will lead to positive changes in their working conditions and livelihoods.

Rahul Gandhi’s chair-making experience and his engagement with the workers have sparked conversations about the importance of recognizing and supporting the skilled labor force in India.

His actions today serve as a reminder that elected representatives should be in touch with the grassroots and should actively work towards the betterment of the working class.


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