Former Minister Rajendra Singh Gudha Denied Entry to Rajasthan Assembly After Speaking Against Women’s Safety

Jaipur, Rajasthan: Today, former Rajasthan Minister Rajendra Singh Gudha was forcefully denied entry into the Rajasthan Assembly today. Mr. Gudha, who was a part of the Gehlot Cabinet until a few days ago, had been removed from his ministerial post after he raised serious concerns about the state’s handling of atrocities against women. He alleges that pages from his personal diary, also known as the “Red Dairy,” containing sensitive information about Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot were snatched away from him.

Rajendra Singh Gudha’s ousting from the cabinet occurred following his vocal criticism of the government’s approach toward women’s safety in the state. His remarks, which had garnered significant media attention, exposed a rift within the ruling party. The former minister asserted that there were individuals with questionable backgrounds and criminal inclinations holding positions of power within the cabinet.

Speaking to the media outside the assembly, Mr. Gudha maintained his stance and called for a narco test to be conducted on some of the cabinet members, alleging their involvement in criminal activities, including rape. His claims have intensified the political atmosphere in Rajasthan and prompted demands for an investigation into the matter.

However, the denial of entry into the assembly today has raised concerns about the state of democracy and freedom of expression within the region. Several opposition leaders and civil society groups have voiced their support for Rajendra Singh Gudha’s right to speak out against issues of public concern without facing punitive action.

The Rajasthan government has yet to release an official statement on the matter, leaving many unanswered questions surrounding the circumstances of Gudha’s removal and the subsequent restriction from entering the legislative assembly.

Meanwhile, protests have erupted in various parts of the state, with demonstrators demanding justice for victims of violence and advocating for more stringent measures to address crimes against women. The situation remains tense as the political fallout continues to unfold.

The denial of entry to a former minister who dared to question his own government on a sensitive issue like women’s safety is likely to raise further debates on the freedom of expression and the need for transparency and accountability in the political system.


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