Defence Minister Rajnath Singh to visit Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh Today

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh is set to embark on a significant journey today as he visits Jaisalmer in Rajasthan and Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh. This day will witness the commencement of two crucial yatras, reinforcing the government’s commitment to the welfare and development of these regions.

In a symbolic gesture, at 1.00 pm, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will ceremoniously flag off the ‘Parivartan Sankalp Yatra’ from the historic city of Jaisalmer. The yatra is aimed at promoting the vision of transformative change and development for the region, emphasizing socio-economic growth and infrastructure enhancement.

The ‘Parivartan Sankalp Yatra’ is expected to be attended by a diverse cross-section of the population, including government officials, local leaders, and the public. It will serve as a platform for interactions and discussions regarding the specific needs and aspirations of the people of Jaisalmer.

Following the commencement of the Jaisalmer yatra, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will proceed to Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh. At 4.30 pm, he will initiate the ‘Jan Ashirwad Yatra,’ underscoring the significance of seeking the blessings and support of the public in the government’s mission to bring prosperity and progress to the region.

The ‘Jan Ashirwad Yatra’ is expected to draw a large gathering of enthusiastic supporters and well-wishers eager to welcome the Defence Minister. It will provide an opportunity for the public to interact directly with the minister and convey their expectations and concerns.

Both yatras reflect the government’s commitment to grassroots engagement and inclusive development. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s presence in these regions is expected to boost the morale of the local populace and reaffirm the government’s dedication to their welfare.

These yatras are poised to set the tone for a renewed focus on the progress and development of Jaisalmer and Neemuch and are expected to mark the beginning of a transformative journey for these regions under the leadership of Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.


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