World’s Largest Ramayan Temple Construction Commences in Bihar’s East Champaran District

East Champaran, Bihar – A momentous occasion unfolded in Bihar’s East Champaran district as the foundation stone was laid for what is set to become the world’s largest Ramayan Temple. The ceremony was presided over by Acharya Kishor Kunal, a former Indian Police Service (IPS) officer and secretary of the renowned Mahavir Temple Trust based in Patna, along with Justice SN Jha, former Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court.

The ambitious project aims to complete the three-story Ramayan temple by the year 2025, with an estimated cost of ₹500 crore. Once finished, the temple will surpass the height of Cambodia’s renowned Angkor Wat Temple complex, solidifying its place as a testament to architectural grandeur and devotion.

The magnificence of the Ramayan temple is expected to captivate visitors. It will boast an impressive design, featuring 12 domes, with the tallest dome soaring to a remarkable height of 270 feet.

In addition to the main temple, the complex will encompass approximately 22 sanctum sanctorum dedicated to various deities. The temple premises will also be adorned with marriage halls and guest houses to accommodate the needs of devotees and visitors.

Acharya Kishor Kunal expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “We have designed the construction of the world’s largest Ramayan Temple, and it is being undertaken by the Mahavir Mandir Trust, of which I am the secretary.

I have been involved in leading the work from the planning stage to the commencement of the construction of this temple.” Reports suggest that within the Ramayan temple’s campus, an additional 22 temples will be constructed, adding to its spiritual allure.

The scale of the temple is truly awe-inspiring, with an overall length of 2,800 feet, a width of 1,400 feet, and a towering height of 405 feet. A notable feature will be the 33-foot-high black granite Shivling, weighing a staggering 200 tonnes.

This monumental structure will be a focal point of devotion and reverence for visitors. Moreover, the temple premises will have the capacity to accommodate approximately 20,000 people simultaneously, providing devotees with a grand space to partake in spiritual ceremonies and connect with their faith.

The commencement of construction marks a significant milestone in the realization of this colossal religious edifice. As the project progresses, the world eagerly awaits the completion of the world’s largest Ramayan Temple, a testament to India’s rich cultural heritage and the unwavering devotion of its people.


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