Violent Outburst Erupts: Shoe Thrown in Protest as Swami Prasad Maurya Comments Ignite Chaos at Backward Classes Mahasammelan

Lucknow: Chaos and violence erupted at the Backward Classes Mahasammelan in Lucknow as anger over controversial statements made by SP (Samajwadi Party) leader Swami Prasad Maurya reached a boiling point. In a shocking turn of events, SP workers physically assaulted a young man identified as Akash Saini, hurling a shoe at him. The incident occurred during Maurya’s address, which was marked by his insulting comments directed at the revered Hindu scripture Ramcharitmanas.

The confrontation began when Swami Prasad Maurya faced the gathering. Attendees, already simmering with resentment over the SP leader’s recent statements, were incensed by his derogatory remarks about Ramcharitmanas—a sacred text written by the revered poet-saint Tulsidas.

Eyewitnesses report that as Maurya continued to belittle Ramcharitmanas, Akash Saini, a young attendee, stood up in protest. Saini’s outrage compelled him to hurl a shoe toward Maurya, a symbolic gesture of disapproval and protest.

In a surprising twist, Saini attributed his action to Maurya’s disparaging comments about Ramcharitmanas.

Swami Prasad Maurya insulted Ramcharitmanas, that’s why I threw the shoe, Saini stated, explaining his impulsive act of defiance.

— Akash Saini

However, Saini’s act was met with immediate and aggressive backlash. Samajwadi Party workers present at the event rushed towards him, forcefully restraining him and physically assaulting him. The chaos escalated as other attendees joined in the scuffle, leading to a chaotic scene that required intervention by event security and law enforcement.

Political analysts and leaders from various parties were quick to condemn the violence and chaos that marred the Mahasammelan. Many criticized Swami Prasad Maurya for his inflammatory statements, claiming that his remarks not only offended religious sentiments but also contributed to the volatile atmosphere that led to the incident.

The incident has further deepened the divide between Swami Prasad Maurya and the supporters of Ramcharitmanas. Calls for unity and restraint in political discourse have grown louder in the wake of the altercation. The incident is also prompting discussions on the broader issue of balancing freedom of speech with the responsibility to avoid inciting violence or offending religious sentiments.

As investigations continue into the incident and its aftermath, questions are being raised about the need for political leaders to choose their words wisely, particularly in sensitive settings where religious sentiments are involved. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the power that words hold and the potential consequences of inflammatory speech in a diverse and religiously pluralistic society.


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