Simaria Dham’s Grand Transformation: Bihar Water Resources Department’s Vision Takes Shape

The Water Resources Department of Bihar under the leadership of Sanjay Kumar Jha is making remarkable progress in its ambitious plan to enhance and beautify the revered Simaria Dham, a focal point of faith for the people of Mithila. This plan is now taking tangible form, and the transformation is truly heartening for the faithful.

Devotees visiting Simaria Dham can now witness the construction of an impressive staircase, which will serve as a vital element in the religious rituals that take place at this sacred site.

The ongoing work also includes the development of essential amenities in the Dharamshala and Kalpwas areas, along with the Stair Ghat located on the banks of the holy Ganga.

This concerted effort by the Water Resources Department of Bihar is proceeding at an accelerated pace, and the results are beginning to take shape. In the coming year, the Simaria Dham will don a magnificent new look that will fill devotees with pride.

The key feature of this development plan is the construction of a 550-meter-long staircase ghat, which will provide easy access to the holy site. In addition, Dharamshala and various other facilities are being constructed to accommodate the needs of pilgrims and visitors.

The people of Mithila and countless devotees have eagerly awaited this transformation of the Simaria Dham, and it is heartening to see this vision gradually becoming a reality. This significant undertaking promises to enrich the spiritual experience for all who hold this sacred place close to their hearts.


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