Breaking News: Stone Pelted at Hindu Procession in Bagha, Bihar; Tension Grips Area, Heavy Police Deployment

Bagha, Bihar – The Mahaviri Akhara’s procession through Ratanmala, Bagaha, took a violent turn when a group of miscreants pelted stones at the procession, igniting clashes between the two sides. The situation escalated further with reports of multiple bikes being set on fire, leaving a trail of destruction. More than 12 individuals, including police personnel, sustained injuries during the incident, intensifying concerns over communal tensions in the region.

The incident unfolded as the Mahaviri Akhara’s procession moved through the Ratanmala area of Bagaha. Witnesses on the scene reported that the peaceful atmosphere was disrupted when unidentified miscreants started hurling stones at the procession, triggering clashes between the participants and the assailants. The clashes swiftly escalated, leading to scenes of vandalism and chaos.

In a disturbing development, several bikes were reportedly set on fire during the confrontation, adding to the tumultuous scene and heightening the anxiety among local residents. The violence also led to injuries, with more than 12 individuals reported to have been hurt, including some police personnel who were attempting to restore order.

In the wake of the incident, the local administration responded swiftly by deploying a heavy police force across the affected area. The presence of law enforcement personnel has been reinforced to ensure the safety of residents and to prevent any further escalation of the situation. The area remains tense as authorities work to restore normalcy and quell the heightened tensions.

The violence that marred the Mahaviri Akhara’s procession serves as a stark reminder of the fragile balance that must be maintained during religious events. Community leaders and officials are making concerted efforts to promote peace and tolerance, urging residents to prioritize unity over discord.

As investigations into the incident continue, authorities are expected to take stern action against those responsible for the violence and vandalism. The incident underscores the need for heightened security measures during public gatherings and religious processions to prevent untoward incidents and ensure the safety of all participants.


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