Telangana CM Claims Modi Govt. Stalled Pfizer’s Entry into India Despite CM’s Lobbying for Vaccines

The Telangana Chief Minister, K. Chandrashekar Rao, has alleged that the Modi government has stalled the entry of Pfizer into India, despite the fact that he and several other Chief Ministers had lobbied for Pfizer to enter the country in order to provide their Covid vaccines to the people.

Despite the public’s desire to obtain the highest-quality vaccine, the company was blocked from selling it. Numerous Chief Ministers engaged in discussions with the Prime Minister’s Office and Niti Aayog, but the government refused to permit Pfizer to enter the market.

The Chief Minister said that the Modi government had done all it could to prevent Pfizer from entering the country, even when people were ready to buy their Covid vaccines.

He further added that the government should have allowed Pfizer to enter India and provide its vaccines, instead of stopping them.

The Chief Minister also highlighted the fact that many other countries were able to benefit from Pfizer’s vaccine, while India was not. He also said that the government should have been more proactive in ensuring that the people of India had access to the Pfizer vaccine.

The Chief Minister also alleged that the Modi government was trying to protect the interests of Indian pharmaceutical companies at the expense of the people’s health. He asked the government to put people first and allow Pfizer to enter India and provide its vaccines to the people.

This statement from the Chief Minister has raised many eyebrows in the political circle, and many have called for an investigation into the matter. The Modi government is yet to respond to the allegations made by the Chief Minister.


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