Uttarakhand Set to Pioneer Uniform Civil Code, Special Session Post-Diwali | Landmark Move by BJP Government Under Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami

Uttarakhand is on the verge of making history by becoming the first state in India to implement the Uniform Civil Code (UCC). The state’s BJP government, led by Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, is gearing up for a special assembly session post-Diwali to discuss and pass the UCC bill.

The UCC, encompassing marriage, divorce, inheritance, and adoption, is a comprehensive legal framework that aims to bring consistency to personal laws. The meticulously prepared draft of the bill has incorporated suggestions from the public, with a committee led by retired judge Ranjana Prakash Desai steering the formulation process.

The proposed regulations will significantly impact family matters in Uttarakhand. The special session, slated to occur after Diwali, follows a thorough examination of the committee’s report. Once approved by the Assembly and signed by the Governor, the UCC will be enacted into law.

Chief Minister Dhami, on Uttarakhand’s 23rd Foundation Day, hinted at the impending implementation of the UCC, emphasizing the draft’s advanced stage. Similar efforts are underway in Gujarat, where plans for a Uniform Civil Code are in motion.

The UCC draft in Uttarakhand aligns with promises made during the 2022 assembly elections, emphasizing a commitment to gender equality. The legislation ensures equal rights for daughters in ancestral properties and addresses various aspects of personal laws, including marriage registration, divorce, property rights, custody of children, and the mandatory registration of live-in relationships.

Moreover, the proposed UCC in Uttarakhand advocates for a complete ban on polygamy, while retaining the marriageable age for women at 18. The legislation also underscores the importance of population control without imposing restrictions on the number of children per family.

Uttarakhand’s pioneering move towards implementing the Uniform Civil Code is poised to set a precedent for legal uniformity and gender equality across the nation, marking a historic step towards social progress and inclusive legal norms.


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