Vande Bharat Express: Connecting India’s Landscapes and Cultures with Modern Rail Travel

The Vande Bharat Express, a beacon of innovation and ‘India First‘ spirit, emerged in 2019, redefining rail travel with speed, safety, and luxury. Now, a new chapter begins with Vande Bharat 2.0, pushing boundaries even further.

Explore the evolution of these iconic trains, where technology, comfort, and ambition unite, propelling India’s railway legacy to greater heights. Join us as we delve into this riveting narrative, where tracks meet innovation and aspirations take flight.

Vande Bharat Express

Unveiling a saga of boundless velocity and exquisite convenience, the Vande Bharat Express, India’s very own semi-high-speed marvel, stands as a resounding testament to the creed of ‘India First, Always First.’

Imprinted onto the tracks of time on 15 February 2019 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this magnificent locomotive has unfurled its wings of development and progress across the Indian landscape.

Enveloped in an aura of pioneering design and cutting-edge technological finesse, the Vande Bharat Express has emerged as the discerning voyager’s sanctuary, where swiftness, luxury, and safety converge.

Spanning an impressive traverse of over 5,00,000 kilometers, the Vande Bharat Express emerges as a vital thread knitting together bustling urban hubs such as Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, and Katra. With its sinuous strides achieving a crescendo of 160 km/h, the train’s symphony of motion has orchestrated a harmonious reduction of travel durations by an astounding 40%.

A pantheon of amenities, a testimony to meticulous design, awaits within the train’s sleek contours. The orchestration of onboard Wi-Fi, a symphony of GPS-based passenger information, the seamless ballet of automatic doors, pristine bio-vacuum sanctuaries, and an aerodynamic visage positions the Vande Bharat Express as an unparalleled symphony in the grand opera of global trains.

However, the Vande Bharat Express stands as more than a mere metal marvel. It is the quintessence of India’s self-sufficiency and manufacturing ingenuity. A staggering 80% of the train’s heartbeats pulse within the Indian soil, embodying the nation’s unwavering allegiance to the clarion call of ‘Make in India,’ an anthem that resounds with indigenous innovation and aspiration.

In the mellifluous words of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

I take pride in witnessing the Vande Bharat train transform into a beacon of development, modernity, self-reliance, and equilibrium. Today’s sojourn aboard the Vande Bharat paves the path toward a future of resplendent India.

— PM Modi

Beyond its mechanical marvel, the Vande Bharat Express weaves a tapestry of resurgence, invigorating local enterprises and invigorating the tides of tourism in the cities it lovingly cradles. For the Taj Mahal’s admirers in Agra, the spiritual seekers in Varanasi, or the devotees embarking on the embrace of Mata Vaishno Devi in Katra, this locomotive whispers a promise of expedited odysseys and enlivened economies.

The triumphal odyssey of the Vande Bharat Express has kindled an effulgent flame of inspiration within the corridors of the Indian Railways, birthing aspirations for more such marvels yet to grace the tracks. A symphony of new routes waits in the wings, an evocative prelude to the transformative cadence of future Vande Bharat trains.

The Journey of Innovation

The Vande Bharat Express, with its dynamic might, achieves a zenith velocity of 160 kmph, offering passengers an unparalleled journey through the realm of swiftness and elegance. Bestowing an experience akin to the famed Shatabdi Train, the Vande Bharat Express surpasses with its superior luxuries and amenities, an ode to its pledge of redefining travel indulgence.

Infused with the core tenets of speed, safety, and service, this embodiment of railway excellence is the brainchild of the Integral Coach Factory (ICF), Chennai. In a masterstroke of indigenously-driven design and craftsmanship, the Vande Bharat Express emerged from conception to reality in a mere 18 months. A symphony of collaboration, the train’s creation saw the harmonious fusion of in-house genius and the craftsmanship of myriad suppliers.

Beyond its glamorous veneer, the Vande Bharat Express serves as an instrument of elevated maintenance technologies and methodologies. A crescendo of productivity and performance envelopes all facets of the Indian Railways, orchestrating an interplay of reliability, availability, utilization, and efficiency. This journey towards excellence mirrors the resolute spirit of India’s aspirations.

In resonating consonance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clarion call of “Make in India,” the Vande Bharat Express takes a bow to its indigenous origins. Akin to a seasoned maestro, this train’s symphony harmonizes with global benchmarks of performance, safety, and passenger comfort, all while being economically astute. In fact, its cost, resonating at less than half the global standard, heralds the potential to redefine the global rail business.

A Journey Beyond Horizons

This prodigious leap into the future marks the evolution of Indian Railways’ narrative, fusing rapidity with comfort. Echoing through the annals of history, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s proclamation on August 15, 2021, unfurls an extraordinary vision—75 Vande Bharat trains crisscrossing the nation during the 75 weeks of the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. This heralds an epoch where every corner of the country finds itself linked by the harmonious embrace of the Vande Bharat trains.

More than a metal behemoth, the Vande Bharat Express epitomizes the zenith of passenger luxury. As the first semi-high-speed train in India, it envelopes its passengers in a cocoon of world-class amenities. Akin to a poet’s quill, its swiftness is matched only by its grace, achieving higher speeds through seamless acceleration and deceleration, thus trimming journey times by 25% to 45%.

For the journey between New Delhi and Varanasi, a transformative shift awaits. A mere eight-hour voyage renders this passage 40-50% swifter than the fastest incumbent train bridging these realms. This heralds an era where the tapestry of time is woven with the threads of convenience and speed.

A Symphony of Vision and Aspiration

The Vande Bharat Express, a testament to India’s prowess and potential, etches its presence not just in the present but also in the future. Embodied within the folds of the Union Budget 2022-23, Finance Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman weaves an extraordinary tapestry—400 new-generation Vande Bharat Trains, each embodying enhanced energy efficiency and passenger indulgence, poised to grace the tracks within the next three years.

These wondrous locomotives stand as companions to the two existing Vande Bharat Express Trains. Charting new routes and forging new narratives, the Howrah – Ranchi Vande Bharat Express readies itself to unfurl its voyage, weaving a connection between Kolkata and the capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi. As the third jewel in this opulent crown, it stands as a harbinger of a new dawn.

Amenities Redefined

Stepping into the embrace of the Vande Bharat Express, one is enveloped by a symphony of modern amenities, each note tuned to perfection. An astute braking system orchestrates seamless acceleration and deceleration, reminiscent of an artist’s brushstroke. Coaches embrace automatic doors, whilst a GPS-guided audio-visual tapestry unfurls, rendering every journey an exploration.

All aboard find themselves enwrapped in a cocoon of comfort, ensconced within plush seating. The executive class, akin to a sanctum, boasts of rotating chairs, a testament to ergonomic indulgence. A testament to hygiene and convenience, bio-vacuum toilets beckon with touch-free allure. A chiaroscuro of lighting graces the interiors, melding diffused luminance with personal illumination.

Nourishment finds its rightful place, a pantry gracing every coach, adorned with a bounty of hot meals and beverages. Sound is tamed, and silence reigns, as insulation serenades passengers with tranquility. Seating finds its zenith, where capacity and comfort converge—a remarkable 1,128 souls find haven within this symphony of luxury.

Greening the Rails

Beneath its resplendent veneer lies an undertone of sustainability. Regenerative braking breathes life into the concept of green travel, conserving up to 30% of electrical energy. Gangways stand as gateways to a dust-free realm, as fully sealed spaces deter the ingress of particulate matter.

Safety stands paramount—a fire survival cable circuit promises vigilance against untamed flames. Improved air conditioning, side recliner seats, and the allure of Wi-Fi content on demand beckon passengers to traverse an era of elevated indulgence.

Apologies for the oversight. Allow me to rectify that and weave those missing facts seamlessly into the narrative:

Vande Bharat Express 2.0: A New Dawn

As the sun dipped below the horizon, a new era unfurled its wings. Vande Bharat 2.0 emerged, a phoenix rising from innovation’s crucible. In a triumphant display of progress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first Vande Bharat 2.0 train on a momentous September 30, 2022, journey from Gandhinagar to Mumbai.

Pushing the Limits of Speed

This incarnation is poised to traverse uncharted territories of velocity. With the potential to attain a maximum speed of 180 kmph, Vande Bharat 2.0 propels itself into the vanguard of rapid transit.

A lighter frame, weighing a mere 392 tons, replaces the earlier 430-ton behemoth, showcasing the evolution of engineering prowess.

Elevated Safety Measures

Safety, a paramount concern, finds itself embellished with a gamut of innovations. The Vande Bharat 2.0 is graced with the KAVACH (Train Collision Avoidance System), a vigilant sentinel against mishaps.

Enhancing security, four emergency windows grace each coach, while platform-side cameras unveil an augmented perspective. The mantle of safety extends, as Level-II safety integration certification takes the helm, fostering refined train control.

A Fiery Vigil

As flames remain a perennial threat, fire safety attains new heights within the Vande Bharat 2.0. Aerosol-based fire detection and suppression systems stand as stalwart sentinels within every electrical cubicle and restroom. Floods bow to resilience, as enhanced flood-proofing safeguards vital electrical equipment against heights up to 650 mm, a leap from the earlier 400 mm.

Illuminating Darkness

In the event of power loss, the journey remains alight. The train graciously offers four emergency lightings in every coach, illuminating the path even when electricity falters.

Luxury Redefined

Within the embrace of Vande Bharat 2.0, passengers discover a symphony of refined indulgences. An elevated riding index, attaining 3.5, promises a journey reminiscent of regal comfort.

A visual spectacle unfolds, as 32-inch LCD TVs adorn the interior, casting an enchanting spell of information and entertainment. Passengers find themselves in a sanctuary of communication, as a robust passenger information and communication system connects them to the world beyond.

Comfort Crafted

The journey takes on an air of serenity, as the comforts of Vande Bharat 2.0 unfold. Seating now beckons with side recliners, welcoming passengers of all classes to an embrace of repose.

Akin to a touch of enchantment, the Executive Class coaches boast 180-degree rotating seats, ensuring every vista is savored. The realm of hygiene and convenience expands, with bio-vacuum toilets adorned with touch-free amenities.

The Future’s Gaze

Ventilation evolves into an art, as a higher-efficiency compressor graces the train’s heart. Germ-free air, kissed by Ultraviolet (UV) lamps, finds its way to every traveler, an indulgence in well-being.

The dance of speed orchestrates a swift ascent, as the train attains 160 kmph within a mere 140 seconds, an improvement from the earlier 145 seconds. An orchestration of voice, the driver-guard communication, finds its place in the narrative, an anthem of vigilance.

Formation’s Symphony

The Vande Bharat 2.0 embraces a reimagined formation, an evolution of acceleration and deceleration. A non-driving trailer coach graces the center stage, ushering in enhanced dynamism. Ventilation heralds a new dawn, the journey marinated in the aroma of reliability. Two signal exchange lights find their place on coaches, facilitating communication with the wayside stations.

As the wheels of Vande Bharat 2.0 spin towards horizons anew, the symphony of progress finds itself painted with hues of innovation and aspiration. The canvas of rail travel evolves, as comfort and luxury, speed and safety intertwine. The Vande Bharat 2.0 stands poised at the crossroads of past and future, a witness to India’s unyielding spirit and relentless pursuit of excellence.

List of Vande Bharat Express Train

The following table presents a comprehensive list of Vande Bharat Express train routes, showcasing the well-connected network of high-speed train services offered by Indian Railways.

Each route is paired with its corresponding return route, allowing passengers to experience efficient and comfortable travel between various cities across India.

No.RouteReturn Route
1Varanasi – New Delhi (22435)New Delhi – Varanasi (22436)
2New Delhi – SMVD KATRA (22439)SMVD KATRA – New Delhi (22440)
3Mumbai Central – Gandhinagar CAP (20901)Gandhinagar CAP – Mumbai Central (20902)
4New Delhi – Amb Andaura (22447)Amb Andaura – New Delhi (22448)
5Chennai – Mysuru (20607)Mysuru – Chennai (20608)
6Bilaspur Junction – Nagpur Junction (20825)Nagpur – Bilaspur Junction (20826)
7Howrah-New Jalpaiguri (22301)New Jalpaiguri Junction – Howrah (22302)
8Secunderabad – Visakhapatnam (20834)Visakhapatnam – Secunderabad (20833)
9Mumbai – Sainagar Shirdi (22223)Sainagar Shirdi – Mumbai (22224)
10Mumbai – Solapur (22225)Solapur – Mumbai (22226)
11Bhopal-Delhi (20171)Delhi – Bhopal (20172)
12Secunderabad-Tirupati (20701)Tirupati – Secunderabad (20702)
13MGR Chennai Central – Coimbatore (20643)Coimbatore – MGR Chennai Central (20644)
14Delhi Cantonment – Ajmer (20978)Ajmer – Delhi Cantonment (20977)
15Thiruvananthapuram Central – Kasaragod (20634)Kasaragod – Thiruvananthapuram Central (20633)
16Puri-Howrah Vande Bharat (22896)Howrah – Puri Vande Bharat (22895)
17Anand Vihar Terminal – Dehradun (22457)Dehradun – Anand Vihar Terminal (22458)
18New Jalpaiguri – Guwahati (22227)Guwahati – New Jalpaiguri (22228)
19Dharwad – Bengaluru (20662)Bengaluru – Dharwad (20661)
20Patna – Ranchi (22349)Ranchi – Patna (22350)
21Bhopal – Indore (20911)Indore – Bhopal (20912)
22Bhopal – Jabalpur (20173)Jabalpur – Bhopal (20174)
23Mumbai – Goa (22229)Goa – Mumbai (22230)
24Gorakhpur – Lucknow (22549)Lucknow – Gorakhpur (22550)
25Ahmedabad – Jodhpur (12462)Jodhpur – Ahmedabad (12461)
List of 25 Vande Bharat Express train with their routes

The Vande Bharat Express, a symbol of technological advancement and modern rail travel, continues to contribute to the nation’s transportation infrastructure.

The Vande Bharat Express has truly enriched the spirit of ‘India First, Always First,’ and is a shining example of India’s progress and achievements in the 21st century.


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