Indian Railways Accelerates Progress on 3rd Foot Over Bridge at Jamalpur Junction, Bihar

Great news for train commuters! The Indian Railways is making swift strides towards enhancing travel convenience with the construction of the 3rd Foot Over Bridge at Jamalpur Junction Railway Station in Bihar. This new bridge is designed to seamlessly connect platforms No. 1, 2, and 3, providing a smoother and more interconnected experience for passengers.

The project is progressing briskly, reflecting the railway’s commitment to improving infrastructure and ensuring the well-being of travelers. Once completed, the 3rd Foot Over Bridge will not only ease the movement of passengers between different platforms but also contribute to a more efficient and organized station layout.

This initiative aligns with the Indian Railways’ ongoing efforts to upgrade facilities and enhance the overall travel experience for the millions of passengers who rely on the railway network every day.

The new bridge at Jamalpur Junction is poised to become a symbol of improved connectivity and convenience for commuters, marking another positive step in the journey towards a more accessible and passenger-friendly railway system.


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