Wave of Water Cannons and Lathi Charge: Anganwadi Workers’ Struggle Takes an Intense Turn in Patna

Patna: The protest by Anganwadi workers in Patna reached its third day on Wednesday as they gathered outside the RJD (Rashtriya Janata Dal) office, demanding better wages and improved working conditions. The situation escalated when water cannons were once again deployed against the protesting women.

The protest initially gained momentum on Tejashwi Yadav’s birthday, as Anganwadi workers attempted to encircle the RJD office. However, the police forcefully dispersed them using lathi-charge and water cannon, marking the beginning of a three-day-long demonstration.

Bihar Police action on Anganwadi workers at RJD office, Patna

The primary demand voiced by the Anganwadi workers is a significant increase in their honorarium, urging the government to provide at least Rs 10,000. They emphasize the need to stop suppressing their voices and acknowledge their critical role in community development.

In a distressing incident, an Anganwadi worker fainted during a protest outside the Bihar Assembly, underlining the intensity of the issues at hand. Across Bihar, Anganwadi assistants and maids are staging protests, including in Patna’s state capital.

Protest extended to the Patna Collectorate, where Anganwadi associates and maids rallied, demanding a satisfactory hike in their honorarium. The use of force, including water cannons and lathi charges, near the RJD office has drawn criticism, with many deeming it unfortunate that those seeking their rights are met with such measures.

Slogans against the Bihar government resonated through the air as Anganwadi workers voiced their demands, urging authorities to address their concerns and improve their working conditions. The call for fair compensation reflects the dedication and importance of Anganwadi workers in the community’s well-being.


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