Strong Earthquake Tremors Rock Delhi-NCR, Lucknow, and Northern India, House Collapse in Nepal

In a startling turn of events, strong earthquake tremors rattled Delhi-NCR and several parts of Northern India today, leaving residents in a state of panic. The seismic activity, measuring a magnitude of 6.2 on the Richter Scale, struck at 2:51 PM, causing buildings to shake violently and sending people scurrying to safety.

The tremors were felt as far as Lucknow, where residents also experienced the ground shaking beneath them. Eyewitnesses reported that people hurriedly evacuated buildings in Lucknow as a precautionary measure against the intense tremors.

The National Centre for Seismology confirmed the earthquake’s epicenter was in Nepal, further exacerbating the situation. Shortly after the earthquake, reports emerged of a house collapse in Nepal, presumably as a result of the seismic activity. The quake’s epicenter in Nepal was reportedly in the region of Gosaikunda.

The authorities in Nepal have already initiated rescue and relief efforts to assist those affected by the house collapse. As of now, there are no immediate reports of casualties or injuries, but the situation is still developing.

Back in Delhi-NCR, people rushed out of their homes and offices as the earth continued to shake for a considerable duration. Social media platforms were flooded with videos and messages from individuals sharing their experiences and expressing concerns about the safety of their loved ones.

Officials in Delhi-NCR and Lucknow have urged residents to remain cautious and stay outdoors for the time being, as aftershocks are common following a strong earthquake.

Srinagar and Uttarakhand were not spared from the seismic activity either. Professor Mahavir Negi, the Head of the Geography Department at HNB Central University in Srinagar, expressed concern about the recent series of small earthquakes. He stated,

These small earthquakes are indicating that a big earthquake is about to come. After that big earthquake, only the energy stored in the earth will be able to be released. We all need to be aware of it.

– Professor Negi

Professor Negi stressed the importance of earthquake-proof building construction as a preventive measure, highlighting the need for resilience in the face of future seismic events.

This seismic event serves as a stark reminder of the region’s vulnerability to earthquakes and the importance of preparedness measures. Authorities are advising citizens to stay informed through official channels and follow safety protocols during such natural disasters.

As the situation unfolds, rescue and relief teams are on high alert, and further updates regarding the earthquake’s impact and any developments in Nepal will be provided as they become available.


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