Begusarai Temple Vandalized: Liquor Party, Shivling Desecration, and Bulldozer Drama Grips Town

Begusarai, Bihar, September 23, 2023: A wave of anger and unrest swept through Begusarai, Bihar, after a Shivlinga in a local Shiva temple was desecrated in an alleged act of vandalism during a liquor party.

The incident, which occurred near Khatopur Chowk in the jurisdiction of the Lakhon assistant police station, has triggered widespread condemnation and demands for justice.

The Shivalinga, which had been a revered symbol in the temple since 1944, was reported to have been damaged late in the night. Locals in the vicinity allege that anti-social elements, who were part of a liquor party within the temple premises, were responsible for the desecration.

It is reported that individuals from the Muslim community residing nearby had been drinking alcohol within the temple and disposing of chicken and meat remains on the temple grounds, leading to long-standing tensions in the area.

Repeated complaints and protests by the local community regarding the misuse of the temple had gone unheeded, escalating the situation further. The locals claim that the perpetrators not only damaged the Shivalinga but also verbally abused those who objected to their actions. The identity of the accused is known, but the police have yet to take any action.

In response to the desecration of the sacred site, enraged locals took matters into their own hands. They vandalized the shop associated with the accused and subsequently blocked the NH-31, a major four-lane highway, demanding the immediate arrest of the culprits. The protest has led to a tense standoff, with all nearby shops remaining closed, and traffic on NH-31 coming to a standstill.

Begusarai witnessed a surge of anger and frustration among the residents, calling for swift justice and the arrest of the individuals responsible for the temple’s desecration. The police have been deployed to the scene, but their efforts to pacify the crowd have so far been unsuccessful.

Superintendent of Police, Yogendra Kumar, stated that they received information about the incident at approximately 11:05 PM. In response, the Lakhon police station chief, along with armed forces, reached the Shiva temple within ten minutes to assess the situation.

He confirmed that efforts are underway to restore the damaged Shivalinga, and the police are actively investigating the incident, examining nearby CCTV footage.

Authorities are working diligently to maintain law and order in the area and have initiated necessary actions, including the filing of FIRs and conducting thorough investigations. The situation remains tense as the community seeks justice for the desecration of their sacred temple.


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