BJP Senior Leader Vinod Tawde Questions Nitish Kumar on Manish Kashyap Case

New Delhi: In a significant turn of events, Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) senior leader and national general secretary, Vinod Tawde, took to Twitter to question the Bihar government led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Tawde raised concerns about the alleged inaction in the case of Manish Kashyap, a resident of Bihar on whom the National Security Act (NSA) was imposed, drawing attention to the insults directed at Sanatan Dharma by Stalin, the son of Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister.

Manish Kashyap, a resident of Bihar, faced legal consequences with the imposition of the NSA by the Bihar government, sparking debates about freedom of speech and expression. However, the case took a new turn when Vinod Tawde questioned the government’s silence on a separate issue related to Stalin, the son of the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister.

In his tweet, Vinod Tawde wrote, “Why has the Nitish government, which imposed NSA on Bihar’s son Manish Kashyap, not been able to file any case till now on the insult of Sanatan Dharma by Stalin, the son of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu?”

This tweet has ignited a fresh debate on the selective application of law and the government’s priorities in addressing matters of alleged insult to religious sentiments. The opposition parties have seized upon Tawde’s tweet to criticize the Bihar government’s handling of both cases.

While the Bihar government has yet to respond to these allegations, this incident underscores the importance of equal treatment under the law and the need for a fair and transparent legal process. It remains to be seen how this controversy will impact the ongoing discussions surrounding freedom of expression and religious sensitivity in India.


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