Future Forecast: Monarchical Power and Capital Relocation in India After 2026/27 – Bhavishya Malika Insights and Lord Kalki’s Role

New Delhi, September 7, 2023 – Recent drafts of future forecasts have taken an intriguing turn, discussing the potential resurgence of monarchical power in India, but with a unique twist – not through a coup, but rather after a significant shift in India’s geopolitical position.

These forecasts paint a picture of a post-2026/27 India that could undergo substantial changes, including the relocation of its capital due to total destruction and significant astrological events that may influence global dynamics.

Capital Relocation on the Horizon

One of the most startling predictions is that Delhi, India’s historical capital, may no longer serve as the nation’s center of governance. These forecasts suggest that Delhi could face complete destruction, leading to the need for a new capital city. While the details are speculative, these forecasts hint at a significant shift in India’s political landscape.

Astrological Significance

Astrologers have highlighted two key celestial events that might play a pivotal role in shaping India’s future. First, Saturn is predicted to enter Taurus on August 8, 2029. Following this, Rohini Sakat is expected to occur in the subsequent year. Astrologers often associate these events with profound changes and shifts in power dynamics.

The most critical celestial occurrence mentioned in these forecasts is the anticipated entry of Saturn into Cancer on July 13, 2034. According to astrological interpretations, this event could trigger a complete transformation in the global order.

While skeptics dismiss astrological predictions, these forecasts suggest that ancient wisdom and celestial movements continue to captivate the imagination of some.

Lord Kalki’s Incarnation

Adding an unusual twist to these predictions, certain sources like the “Bhavishya Malika” and some individuals in Orissa claim that Lord Kalki, a prophesized future incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was incarnated in 2003.

According to their beliefs, Lord Kalki will select a king for India, adhering to the caste system outlined in the Manusmriti. This belief further fuels speculation about the potential return of monarchical rule.

While these predictions are based on a mix of astrology, religious beliefs, and futuristic conjecture, they have captured the attention of many who are eager to see how India’s future unfolds.

It remains to be seen whether these forecasts will materialize or remain in the realm of speculation. One thing is certain: they have ignited a conversation about the potential paths India could take in the coming years.

As we continue to monitor these evolving predictions, one must approach them with a degree of skepticism while acknowledging their power to inspire curiosity and discussion about India’s future trajectory.


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