Students in Bihar’s Vaishali District Protesting Against IAS Officer KK Pathak’s Policies

Vaishali, Bihar: After recent teacher protests, it appears that students in Bihar’s Vaishali district have joined the chorus of dissent against the decisions made by Mr. KK Pathak, an Indian Civil Servant (IAS) who has been at the center of controversy.

The latest episode saw schoolgirls creating a ruckus in Vaishali, resulting in the damage of the Block Education Officer’s (BEO) car and injuries to a female police officer.

The student protests have been sparked by the implementation of a policy mandating 75% attendance in schools across the district. Students, primarily girls, have raised concerns about the practicality of this rule, claiming that overcrowded classrooms leave them with no place to sit. Moreover, they have cited a host of other issues, including a shortage of teachers, as reasons for their discontent.

The protests unfolded in the vicinity of a local school, where hundreds of girl students gathered to voice their grievances. As tensions escalated, the situation turned volatile, resulting in the shattering of the BEO’s car windows and an injury to a female police officer who was dispatched to maintain order.

Mr. KK Pathak, who has been in the spotlight for previous controversies, is now facing renewed criticism. His alleged abuse of a deputy collector and a confrontation with the Bihar Administrative Service Association (BASA) have only added fuel to the fire. It appears that his policies are increasingly drawing the ire of various segments of society.

Local authorities are now attempting to defuse the situation by engaging in dialogue with the protesting students and addressing their concerns. The district administration has assured the students that their demands, including addressing the issues related to overcrowded classrooms and teacher shortages, will be taken into consideration.

This incident highlights the growing discontent among students and educators alike in Bihar over the state of the education system. The protests against Mr. KK Pathak’s policies are indicative of a broader debate regarding the quality of education and the challenges faced by students in the region.

As the situation unfolds, all eyes will be on how the administration responds to the demands of the protesting students and whether it can find a resolution that satisfies all stakeholders.


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