Gopalganj Police Bust Bootlegging Operation, Seize 180 Liters of Foreign Liquor

Gopalganj, Bihar: In a significant crackdown on the illegal liquor trade, Gopalganj Police have apprehended four individuals and seized a substantial quantity of foreign liquor being transported via a boat in Gopalganj, Bihar. The operation, conducted on [Date], serves as another blow to the illicit liquor market in the state.

Acting on a tip-off, a special team from the Gopalganj Police launched a coordinated operation along the banks of the Gandak River. The smugglers were intercepted as they attempted to transport a cache of 180 liters of foreign liquor from an undisclosed source to the local market.

During the operation, the police also seized the boat used for transporting the contraband. The liquor, which is suspected to have been smuggled from neighboring states, was meticulously concealed in hidden compartments within the boat. The market value of the seized liquor is estimated to be worth several lakhs of rupees.

Speaking about the operation, Gopalganj Police stated, “This successful operation is a testament to our commitment to eradicating the illegal liquor trade in Gopalganj. We will continue to take stringent actions against those involved in such activities.”

The arrested individuals will face charges under relevant sections of the Bihar Excise Act and other applicable laws. They will be presented before the court for further legal proceedings.

The Gopalganj Police have been relentless in their efforts to curb the illegal liquor trade and maintain law and order in the region. This operation is part of their ongoing crackdown on such activities, aiming to create a safer and liquor-free environment for the residents of Gopalganj.

This significant seizure and the subsequent arrests have sent a stern message to those involved in the illegal liquor trade. The authorities remain committed to maintaining strict vigilance to ensure the safety and well-being of the local community.

The Gopalganj Police have urged the public to assist them by providing any information related to the illegal liquor trade or any other criminal activities. Such cooperation is crucial in their ongoing efforts to maintain law and order in the region.


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