Breaking News: Internet and Social Media Services Suspended in Darbhanga, Bihar Due to Communal Tensions

Darbhanga, July 27, 2023: In the wake of escalating communal tensions and clashes in Darbhanga district, the district administration has taken the unprecedented step of suspending internet services and closing all social media platforms from 4 pm on July 27 until 4 pm on July 30.

This decision comes after an incident where an attempt was made to plant an Islamic green flag of Moharram on the Durga Mandir located in Bazar Samiti Chowk, leading to violent clashes and stone pelting.

The situation further intensified when residents from Dharampur village faced obstruction from an Islamic mob while trying to cremate the dead body of Dalit Hindu, Shrikant Paswan, at the Malpatti cremation ground. These events have added fuel to the already simmering communal tensions in the region.

In response to the deteriorating law and order situation, the Darbhanga district administration has issued a press release, announcing the suspension of internet services and the closure of social media platforms. The move is aimed at curbing the spread of inflammatory content and rumors that may exacerbate the situation and instigate further violence.

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District Magistrate (DM) of Darbhanga, Mr. Rajesh Kumar, has appealed to all residents to remain calm and maintain communal harmony during this challenging period. He assured that necessary steps are being taken to bring the situation under control and restore normalcy.

The suspension of internet services and social media platforms is expected to be closely monitored by law enforcement agencies to prevent any attempts to incite violence or spread misinformation. The district administration is actively working with the police force to identify those responsible for the incidents and take appropriate legal action against them.

Residents and businesses in the district are advised to stay alert, cooperate with law enforcement personnel, and report any suspicious activities to the authorities immediately.

It is crucial for all individuals and communities to exercise restraint and engage in peaceful dialogue to resolve the ongoing tensions in the Darbhanga district. The authorities are hopeful that by taking proactive measures, they will be able to prevent further violence and restore normalcy in the region.

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As the situation unfolds, the district administration will provide regular updates and necessary advisories to the public through traditional media channels. Residents are urged to rely on credible news sources and official communications during this period.

The suspension of internet services and social media platforms, while essential for maintaining public safety, may also impact normal communications, including emergency services, online transactions, and remote work. Residents are advised to make necessary arrangements and cooperate with the authorities during this temporary restriction.

As the administration continues its efforts to restore peace and harmony, it remains crucial for the people of Darbhanga district to stand united and work together to overcome these challenging circumstances.

Note: This news report is based on the information available up to July 27, 2023, and the situation may have evolved or changed after this date.


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