Congress MP Manish Tewari Reflects on the 15th Anniversary of the 26/11 Attack

New Delhi, November 26, 2023: On the 15th anniversary of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, Congress MP Manish Tewari spoke out, emphasizing the profound impact the event had on India and expressing concern over the delayed justice for the victims.

Tewari remarked, “26/11 represented the most horrific terror attack on India. It convulsed the consciousness and the soul of the nation. The irony is that even 15 years after that attack, the masterminds and the principal perpetrators of that attack have still not been brought to justice.”

He pointed out that the hindrance to justice is rooted in the protection provided to the perpetrators by what he referred to as their masters, the deep state in Pakistan, specifically the ISI. Tewari stated, “The ISI has been the fountainhead of spreading instability throughout South Asia.”

Highlighting the need for introspection, Tewari urged India to consider its response in the face of semi-state actors being unleashed on the country by a neighboring nation. He expressed his concern, saying, “It is confounding that those who have themselves been the victims of such terror attacks have also not done enough to exert pressure on Pakistan to see the perpetrators and masterminds handed over to India so that they can face justice in an Indian court.”

As the nation commemorates the 15th anniversary of the tragic events of 26/11, Tewari’s words serve as a reminder of the challenges India faces in seeking justice for the victims and holding those responsible accountable.


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