Breaking Stereotypes: Neena Gupta Criticizes Feminism as ‘Faltu’ While Acknowledging the Need of Men for Women

Bollywood actress Neena Gupta has spoken out against the feminist movement, deeming it ‘faltu’ or unnecessary. In a recent conversation with Ranveer Allahabadia, the seasoned actor challenged the idea of gender equality, asserting that men and women are not equal because men cannot bear children. Instead, she urged individuals, irrespective of gender, to focus on achieving financial independence and taking pride in their work.

Neena Gupta emphasized the importance of avoiding the pressure to conform to what she referred to as ‘faltu feminism’ and the notion of women being equal to men. She encouraged women, including housewives, to recognize the significance of their roles, boost their self-esteem, and refrain from considering themselves small.

During the discussion, Neena Gupta shared a personal anecdote to support her claim that “women need men.” Recounting an incident when she had to catch a 6 a.m. flight without a boyfriend, she explained that a man started following her in the dark, leading her to miss her flight. The next day, she booked the same flight but stayed at a male friend’s house, who safely dropped her off. Reflecting on this experience, she stated, “I need a man.”

Neena Gupta also opened up about her ongoing journey towards independence. Despite her desire to be self-reliant, she admitted to still reaching out to her daughter, Masaba, and feeling anxious if she doesn’t pick up. Similarly, she expressed nervousness if her spouse doesn’t give her a call, highlighting the complexities of striving for independence while acknowledging the need for support from others.


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