Tragedy Strikes Mumbai-Jaipur Express: Four Dead, Several Injured in RPF Constable’s Alleged Shooting Rampage

Mumbai, July 31, 2023 – In a horrifying turn of events, the Mumbai-Jaipur Express was engulfed in chaos and tragedy as an RPF (Railway Protection Force) constable, identified as Chetan Singh, allegedly opened fire inside one of the air-conditioned coaches.

The shooting spree, which occurred after the train crossed Palghar Station, resulted in the untimely death of four individuals, including an Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police, while three other passengers sustained injuries while jumping off the moving train near Dahisar. The accused constable has been apprehended by authorities.

Eyewitnesses recounted scenes of terror and panic as the train journey turned into a nightmare. Without any warning or apparent provocation, Constable Chetan Singh reportedly brandished his service weapon and unleashed a hail of bullets within the confined space of the AC coach. Passengers, caught off-guard, were left scrambling for safety, and the unfortunate victims had no time to escape the onslaught.

Among those who lost their lives was an Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police, whose identity has not yet been revealed pending notification of family members. The news has sent shockwaves through the railway community and the nation, mourning the loss of a dedicated law enforcement officer.

Three other passengers on board the ill-fated train chose a desperate measure to survive the violent ordeal. They leaped out of the moving train near Dahisar, sustaining injuries in the process. Emergency medical services rushed them to nearby hospitals for urgent treatment, where their condition is being closely monitored.

In response to the alarming situation, the train’s authorities promptly halted the Mumbai-Jaipur Express and coordinated with law enforcement agencies to apprehend the accused RPF constable, Chetan Singh. Singh was taken into custody by his fellow RPF personnel at the scene of the incident.

As the investigation unfolds, authorities are working tirelessly to ascertain the motive behind this unprecedented act of violence. Initial reports do not suggest any apparent altercation or personal conflict that might have led to the constable’s alleged shooting rampage. However, investigators are leaving no stone unturned in their quest for answers, seeking justice for the victims and their bereaved families.

The Railway Protection Force has committed to a comprehensive review of its recruitment and training protocols to prevent such distressing incidents in the future. Additionally, they are implementing counseling and support services for passengers and railway staff affected by the traumatic event.


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