Dr. Adnan Ali Sarkar: The Double Life of A Top Surgeon with a Terrorist Agenda

In the annals of medicine, Dr. Adnan Ali Sarkar was a renowned anaesthesiologist known for his groundbreaking research and invaluable contributions to the field of anesthesiology. His full-name is Dr. Adnan Ali Qamarali Sarkar.

After graduating with an MBBS degree in 2001 from the prestigious B. J. Medical College in Pune, followed by an MD in anaesthesiology in 2006 from the same institution, he seemed destined for a bright and prosperous future.

However, beneath the surface of his esteemed medical career, a sinister side emerged, one that led him down a path of radicalization and involvement with the notorious terrorist organization, ISIS.

Medical Excellence and Contributions

Dr. Sarkar’s journey to excellence in the medical field was nothing short of commendable. His academic brilliance and dedication earned him not only an MBBS and MD but also the distinction of being a Gold medallist.

Dr. Adnan Ali is an anesthesiologist in a reputed hospital in the Hadapsar area, Pune. He has been working in the medical field for fifteen years and has completed his course at a medical college in Pune.

Throughout his career, he served in some of the most prestigious hospitals in Pune and Mumbai, where he showcased his expertise in anaesthesiology, comforting countless patients undergoing various surgical procedures.

Beyond his clinical work, Dr. Sarkar delved into the realm of research. He made significant strides in our understanding of the Surgical Pleth Index, a vital indicator of patient well-being during surgery, and the application of Dexmedetomidine in anaesthesiology, a groundbreaking drug that showed promising results in patient comfort and safety.

The Dark Descent

Amidst his flourishing medical career, Dr. Adnan Ali Sarkar’s life took an inexplicable turn. Unbeknownst to his colleagues and acquaintances, he began to dabble in the dark corners of the internet, where extremist ideologies festered.

Drawn into the web of ISIS, a terrorist organization known for its heinous acts of violence, Sarkar’s path diverged drastically from his esteemed medical pursuits. The government raided Sarkar’s house in Kondhwa and arrested him.

Terrorist Involvement

As authorities would later uncover, Dr. Sarkar had become an active participant in ISIS activities. Shockingly, he had taken up the role of a recruiter, luring vulnerable individuals into the extremist ideology, exploiting their grievances and disillusionment.

His connections within the medical community allowed him to exploit his position and reach a broader audience, amplifying the terrorist group’s sinister agenda.

Furthermore, investigations revealed that Dr. Sarkar had been actively planning terror attacks, leveraging his medical knowledge to devise tactics that could cause immense harm and destruction.

This stark contrast between his benevolent medical profession and malevolent actions as an ISIS operative left the nation in disbelief and horror.

Arrest and Consequences

The curtain of deception was lifted when the intelligence agency, National Investigation Agency (NIA) working tirelessly to dismantle terrorist networks, managed to gather sufficient evidence against Dr. Adnan Ali Sarkar and arrested him in connection with the Maharashtra ISIS module case when he was working in Noble Hospital, Pune. In a well-coordinated operation, law enforcement apprehended him, bringing an end to his dark and dangerous escapades.

The arrest sent shockwaves through the medical community, with colleagues and patients struggling to reconcile the compassionate doctor they knew with the sinister character he had become. As he faces the consequences of his actions, Dr. Sarkar’s once-promising career now lies in ruins, leaving a trail of disbelief and betrayal in its wake.

In conclusion, Dr. Adnan Ali Sarkar’s story stands as a cautionary tale, serving as a grim reminder that evil can often lurk behind even the most respectable facades. His transformation from a respected medical professional to a ruthless ISIS operative remains a stark and troubling example of how extremism can penetrate unexpected domains.

The world must continue to stay vigilant against the allure of radical ideologies, and our societies must work collectively to prevent the spread of hatred and violence, even in the unlikeliest of places.


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