India Abstains from Voting on UNSC Ceasefire Resolution, Israel PM Netanyahu said, “India will not tolerate the ‘horror’ of Hamas attack”

The move comes in response to the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, which has led to considerable turmoil and bloodshed in the region. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed strong reservations regarding the UNSC proposal, dubbing it deeply flawed and emphasizing that no civilized nation, including India, can tolerate the horrors that ignited the conflict.

“India will not bear the ‘horror’ of Hamas attacks,” Prime Minister Netanyahu’s statement underscores the stark realities of the ongoing violence and its impact on innocent lives. The 2023 Israel-Hamas war, which commenced on October 7, 2023, has witnessed a series of attacks that have evoked strong reactions globally.

These attacks have exhibited various motives, ranging from antisemitic and anti-Israel sentiments to anti-Muslim and anti-Palestinian sentiments. Some of these attacks have also been indiscriminately targeted, causing immense suffering to innocent civilians.

India’s decision to abstain from the vote in the UNSC can be seen as a demonstration of its concern over the impact of the ongoing conflict and its commitment to fostering a just and peaceful resolution. The resolution, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly, calls for an immediate and sustained humanitarian truce with the aim of ending hostilities between Israel and Hamas.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s critique of the resolution highlights the complexities of the Israel-Hamas conflict and the differing perspectives on how to attain a lasting peace. India’s abstention reflects its approach of carefully evaluating the situation while emphasizing the need for a more comprehensive and effective resolution that addresses the concerns of all parties involved.

This move by India signifies its dedication to the principles of diplomacy, peace, and the protection of human rights. India’s abstention from the UNSC vote is a clear indication of its commitment to achieving a just and lasting solution to the Israel-Hamas conflict while striving to ensure the welfare and security of all those affected by the ongoing turmoil.


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