Nitish Kumar’s ‘Sex Education’ in Assembly: CM’s Advice to Married Men on Population Growth Control

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar addressed the issue of sex education in the Assembly, offering advice to married men regarding coitus interruptions as a means of population growth control.

‘After marriage, a man does sex with a girl every night, he is born in her and if the girl studies, we knew that in the end, don’t push them in at the end, pull them out’: CM Nitish Kumar from Bihar Assembly.

CM Nitish Kumar’s Speech at Bihar Assembly

During his address in the Assembly, CM Nitish Kumar touched upon the sensitive topic of population growth, emphasizing the importance of responsible family planning. He suggested that married men consider coitus interrupts as a method to help manage population growth and ensure a better future for their families.

MLC Nivedita Singh’s emotional reaction reflected the sensitivities surrounding the issue, as it is a subject of deep concern for many within the state. Tears welled up in her eyes as she expressed her disappointment with the Chief Minister’s remarks while talking to the media. She firmly stated that such language had no place in the Assembly and that this was indeed a “dark day” for the legislative body.

The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges in discussing sensitive topics in the political arena, and it highlights the need for constructive and inclusive dialogues to address the issue of population growth control in Bihar.

The incident highlights the need for careful consideration when discussing such delicate matters in a public forum, and it remains to be seen how the Assembly will address this controversy and its implications for future debates on issues related to family planning and population control.


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