“Noon Roti” Maithili Web Series: Cultural Milestone, Unemployment Solutions, Review, Cast, and More

The first Maithili web series, “Noon Roti,” has made a significant impact since its premiere on October 26. Directed by Vikas Jha, with Roshni Jha and Diwakar Jha in key roles, this series marks a remarkable milestone in the Maithili film industry.

Production Details

  • Funding: Crowdsourced
  • Shooting Locations: 10 districts of Bihar
  • Director: Vikas Jha
  • Lead Actors: Roshni Jha and Diwakar Jha

One of the striking features of “Noon Roti” is its extensive and unique production journey. The series was created through crowd funding and shot in 10 districts of Bihar.


  • All actors are from the Mithila region, bringing professionalism and authenticity to their roles.
  • Main Cast: Diwakar Jha, Adarsh Bhardwaj, Rishabh Kashyap, Mani Kaushik, Nikhil Mishra, Pragya Jha, Satyendra Jha, Sohail Sultan, Prashant Rana, and Sumit Shri.
  • Producer, director, and writer Vikas Jha and his wife Roshni Jha also play lead roles.

The director, Vikas Jha, shared that the journey of “Noon Roti” was filled with determination, even after initial refusals. This resilience and commitment have undoubtedly paid off.

The series offers a fresh perspective on the prevailing issues of unemployment and migration in Bihar, Jharkhand, and the Mithila region. Instead of just highlighting the problems, “Noon Roti” delves into potential solutions.

It explores the untapped possibilities in the Mithila region, focusing on tourism and business as a way to address these challenges. This forward-thinking approach is a commendable aspect of the series.

“Noon Roti” is a story that resonates with Maithili viewers as it beautifully portrays the aspiration for government jobs and the intricate dynamics of family thinking about entrepreneurship.

Executive producer and actress Roshni Jha revealed that the series comprises eight episodes, with the first one available for free. To access the remaining seven episodes, a subscription is required, priced at Rs 299. The fact that the show provides a free sample episode is a great way to engage the audience.

What makes “Noon Roti” even more special is the authenticity of its cast. All the actors are from the Mithila region, and they bring a high level of professionalism to their roles.

The main cast includes talented individuals such as Diwakar Jha, Adarsh Bhardwaj, Rishabh Kashyap, Mani Kaushik, Nikhil Mishra, Pragya Jha, Satyendra Jha, Sohail Sultan, Prashant Rana, and Sumit Shri. Notably, the producer, director, and writer, Vikas Jha, and his wife Roshni Jha, also take on prominent roles in the series.

The release of the song “Lene Chalu Hamro” from “Noon Roti” was met with great appreciation, reflecting the series’ dedication to both storytelling and music. The song, sung by the talented debutant Priya Mallik with music by Prem Prakash Karna, has garnered significant acclaim.

Vikas Jha and Roshni Jha, well-known for their work in Madhur Maithili’s popular comedy entertainment program “Alar Balar,” have brought their experience and creative vision to “Noon Roti,” further enriching the series.

In summary, “Noon Roti” is not just a web series; it is a testament to the power of determination and creativity. It showcases the vibrant culture and aspirations of the Maithili-speaking community while addressing critical social issues.

With its unique storytelling, talented cast, and focus on solutions, “Noon Roti” undoubtedly stands as a significant milestone for the Maithili film industry. It’s a must-watch for anyone interested in exploring the rich heritage and contemporary challenges of the region.


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