Water Resources Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha Joins Maithili Web Series ‘Noon Roti’ Celebration in Mithila Haat, Jhanjharpur

Water Resources Minister, Government of Bihar, Sanjay Kumar Jha, recently graced a special show and cultural program for the Maithili web series ‘Noon Roti‘ at Mithila Haat in Jhanjharpur, Madhubani.

The event, which attracted a large gathering of art enthusiasts, provided an opportunity for Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha to connect with the vibrant cultural heritage of Bihar.

The first web series made in the Maithili language, “Noon Roti,” premiered on 26th October, marking a significant milestone in the promotion of Maithili culture and language.

This pioneering project is a result of crowd funding, emphasizing the community’s active involvement in preserving their linguistic and cultural heritage.

Director Vikas Jha, actress Roshni Jha, and actor Diwakar Jha have played instrumental roles in bringing ‘Noon Roti’ to life. Their dedication to this project and their efforts to promote Maithili culture are truly commendable.

During the special program, Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha expressed his enthusiasm for the Maithili language and its rich cultural traditions. He lauded the ‘Noon Roti’ team for their perseverance and dedication in making this web series a reality, particularly in the face of initial rejections.

The highlight of the evening was the captivating performance by the renowned Maithili singer, Priya Malik, whose melodious voice resonated with the audience, evoking nostalgia and appreciation for the Maithili musical heritage.

‘Noon Roti’ stands as a testament to the resilience and creativity of the Maithili-speaking community. The shooting for this series took place in 10 districts of Bihar, showcasing the beauty and diversity of the state.

This ambitious project is proof that dedication and determination can make the seemingly impossible attainable, as “Noon Roti” found its destiny even after initial refusals.

Minister Sanjay Kumar Jha extended his heartfelt congratulations to the entire ‘Noon Roti’ team for their dedication and creative vision in bringing Maithili culture to a global audience. He emphasized the importance of such initiatives in preserving and celebrating the cultural diversity that Bihar is renowned for.

The event at Mithila Haat was a celebration of the rich artistic traditions of the region and a testament to the government’s commitment to promoting and preserving the linguistic and cultural heritage of Bihar. It served as a reminder of the immense talent and potential that can be harnessed for the greater good of the state and the nation.


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