Patna Police Bust Exam Rigging Gang, Seize Rs 12 Lakh Cash and Arrest 4 Suspects

In a significant breakthrough, the Patna Police apprehended four individuals allegedly involved in a racket dedicated to rigging and commission in various examinations. The operation was carried out in the Patrakar Nagar police station area, confiscating Rs 12 lakh in cash, mobile phones, and crucial documents related to their illicit activities.

The four suspects, whose identities are yet to be disclosed by the police, were taken into custody following a meticulous investigation led by the Patna Police’s Special Investigation Team (SIT). Their arrests come as a major blow to the underbelly of academic fraud in the city.

The police team, acting on credible intelligence, conducted a well-coordinated raid on a location in the Patrakar Nagar area late last night. During the operation, officers discovered a significant amount of cash, believed to be part of the gang’s ill-gotten gains.

The confiscated mobile phones and documents are expected to provide vital insights into the gang’s modus operandi and the extent of their network.

The arrested individuals are suspected of having links to a larger network manipulating examination results, including competitive exams and academic assessments. The Patna Police are now pursuing further investigations to uncover the gang’s associates and bring them to justice.

The suspects are currently in police custody and are being interrogated to gather more information about their activities and connections. They are expected to be formally charged in accordance with the law.

The successful operation by the Patna Police serves as a stern warning to those who engage in academic fraud and undermines the credibility of the education system. The authorities are determined to root out such practices and ensure a level playing field for all students.

As the investigation progresses, the police will share additional details regarding the arrested individuals and any potential accomplices involved in this illegal operation. Legal action against those found guilty will be taken swiftly and decisively.


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