Prayagraj Horror: Chopper Attack on Bus Conductor Sparks Outrage, Culprit Nabbed in Encounter

In a shocking incident in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, a bus conductor named Harikesh Vishwakarma was attacked with a chopper by a B.Tech student, Lareb Hashmi. The accused, Lareb Hashmi, was apprehended by the Uttar Pradesh Police in an encounter after he raised religious slogans following the attack.

The brutal assault on the bus conductor resembled the infamous Kanhaiyalal incident, with Vishwakarma’s head separated from his body and his throat slit. Disturbingly, Hashmi recorded a video of the gruesome act, escalating the severity of the incident.

Lareb Hashmi, a B.Tech student, allegedly attacked Harikesh Vishwakarma over what he claimed was the “insult of Islam.” The incident sparked outrage as the video circulated on social media, depicting the horrifying nature of the crime.

In a swift response, the Uttar Pradesh Police successfully shot and arrested Lareb Hashmi in an encounter. During the arrest, Hashmi, who had earlier cut short Vishwakarma’s life, sustained injuries and is currently receiving medical treatment in a hospital.

The student was shot in the leg while attempting to escape custody. It was reported that when the police attempted to apprehend the student, they faced resistance and were attacked.

It has been confirmed that Harikesh Vishwakarma is alive. Vishwakarma is currently undergoing treatment in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Swaroop Rani Medical College.

Despite the severity of the assault, medical professionals are working diligently to provide the necessary care and support to ensure Vishwakarma’s recovery.


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